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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cooltype, Aug 2, 2006.

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    This is really my first year in the lawn care businesss. Ive mowed yards mainly for people i knew maybe 3 a week since i was 16 or so but never tried to make a business out of it until now. I also worked for a contractor who developed neighborhoods and had alot of rental property for two years and douring that time i mowed all of his properties with a Grasshopper Z rider and a Snapper hydro walk behind so i have been familiar with commercial equipment for awhile. He also taught me alot of the basics about landscaping, him and his friend who owns a landscaping company with a degree in horticulture. To make a long story short im just starting but feel like i have a good idea of how to do the work. Im starting out with a 97 Blazer, 5X8 trailer with gate, 52" bobcat walk behind (used), Red Max Trimmer, Husqvarni back pack blower, plus lots of handtools and other stuff. Currently i have about 17 accounts on a schedule and a few that just call when need service. Just ready to pick up alot more accounts and get some more equipment. Also looking in to insurance and figuring out the taxes thing so not to get myself in any trouble. I think im off to a good start hopefully in the right direction... by the way im also currently in scool for a bachelors in business finance, about 4 more semesters left.
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    Sounds like your at a good start.
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    +1 to that....

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    Keep it goin there buddy.......

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