21" Lawnboy discharge deck


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central mn
Im considering getting a Lawnboy and Im wondering on how the discharge does on those since the chute is at the top corner of the deck and not the middle??? Im thinking that corner could get caught if you get into dips in the terrain?????


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Omaha, NE
I have always used Lawnboys. Ever since my dad let me use his to cut in the yard at home while he was on his rider when I was 8 yrs old. I do feel that they clog easily if the grass is wet or long, but they're awesome most of the time. Plus, you can get the front of the mower closer to objects since the wheel is offset.

Fareway Lawncare

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Hello, I'm assuming that those who have problems discharging lush turf w/the Lawnboys have removed the metal bar running under the chute?

My Lawnboys discharge wet turf better than some larger Walks.

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