21" mower mounted dethatcher rake?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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  2. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    I have never seen one but it looks like it would do fine for small areas
  3. J&R

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    Thats will do alright. it is similar to the Snapper that works very good. The only thing is getting it to mount on your mower.
  4. fatboy5803

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    I Have a thatcherizer for my Snapper Rider,that looks very much like the one on e-bay. Well I would say that it does a decent job of a good raking, Before I learned about this site I thought of it as a Dethatcherizer. But what I have read, what a thatcherizer does is really tears the lawn to get the thatch out under the grass roots?? This thatcherizer I have say's on it that is what it is ?? I do use it only on my lawn as for a good dead grass raking early in the season, Like I did it about 3 weeks ago. You can get on Snapper site and I'm pretty sure it has it, and information. Hope this helps... :cool:

  5. Brieldo

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    I have one for my JX85. Works well
  6. BRIMOW525

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    OK.. correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this a COMMERCIAL lawn care forum? Why would u want to use a broke down peice of **** mower on a customers yard and want them to pay u money? I can understand using something once or twice to get by... but really? And u wanted to bust on my Scag Super Z for being older? get real!
  7. BRIMOW525

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    I can't say ****? just for everyone to know I didn't use the s word. The * makes it look like I did. I used the c word for doo doo. Hows that?!
  8. lawncare3

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    I did that too. I put the word Krap with a c in the beginning but, it thinks it's a " swear word"
  9. Brieldo

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    I hate to be a source of controversy, however, is it just me or are some of our more junior members complete "post whores" as they're called on other forums. It's like, why even post this worthless information that pertains to absolutely nothing. Lawncare3, in the past week you've come under some scrutiny by some of the more senior members, and Im beginning to see why. Yeah, you're 15, yeah, you wanna learn, but if tha'ts the case, then learn by watching and asking questions when necessary. Posting about how you said "****" or whatever and it wouldnt let you is a complete waste of time and bandwidth, if you wanna break it down that far. And it isnt just you, but why post something that is completely useless?

    Im sure im not alone on this.....
  10. BRIMOW525

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    BRIELDO. I said that because I didn't realize krap was a cus word. The astericks make it look like I said sh*t. Thats it. Sorry to ruffle your feathers!

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