21" Stripes on Rye

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by dwc, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. dwc

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    I used annual rye in the first photo and perrenial rye in the last photo. Perennial is supposed to look better so I'll see how it goes. So yes, I overseed with perennial or annual rye annually.
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  2. mdlwn1

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    Was just wondering because the only annual rye that is available out here is what contractors use and it grows quick and looks like corn.
  3. Cloud9Landscapes

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    A small percentage of perennial rye will always remain in the Bermuda, it just goes brown and falls below the canopy and goes into a dormancy until the weather becomes cool enough. Annual rye will completely dye out with hot weather and it generally doesn't look as good as perennial rye. Annual rye is what is used on pastures, but there are some improved varieties out there. The good news about annual rye is that it dies out and won't come back once the temps get into the 80's. Perennial rye is easy to sow and can be mown low, resulting in many golf courses seeding their greens and tee boxes to remain playable and green over the winter.
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    Some of the cheaper annual rye used does that here also. I has a wider blade and grows a foot a day in the spring [well not quit that much, but you get the picture]. Some of the perennial rye has a thinner blade and does not grow as fast, but a problem on some of the real good perennial rye is that it can handle higher temps and can handle lower mowing heights so if we have a long cool spring they do not transition well and can really do damage to the Bermuda.
  5. dwc

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    here is a pic after the 3rd mowing last week using my 36"GHS Walker. I have made my next fertilizer app, so it is really getting dark green since this pic. I will post more pics later on!

    36 walker stripes.jpg

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