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21" toro-Suzuki, 6hp kaw, or the new 6.5 kaw?


LawnSite Senior Member
oklahoma city
I currently have a 5.5 suzuki and I love it, but I was looking to get another one and I wanted to get some opinions on these engines. Should I look for another suzuki and possibly pay a little more or should I look at the kawasaki's? The new kawa has the big gas tank like the suzuki and a bigger a cleaner. Oh yea, about the honda engine, I'm not really considering them seeing as they are more costly and I think the kawa is just as good.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Toronto, Canada
I was having the same debate. I currently have the 6 hp Kawasaki on my Toro Proline and love it. That engine is wonderful. The Suzuki 2 stroke is terrific as well but it is no longer being produced so if you can get go for it. From what I understand, the new engines on the prolines are:

1. A new 6.5 hp Kawasaki, rated at 179 cc which is a bit bigger than the 153 cc of the current 6 hp model and this engine apparently also has the large gas tank.

2. The 163 cc Honda GX 5.5 hp motor, another beautiful engine too.

Much as I like the Honda, I would not get it simply because the price is too much. Here, in Canada, I was quoted prices of
$1 664 for a BBC Honda proline and $1450 for the Kawasaki version, so why pay the extra dollars?


LawnSite Senior Member
Georgetown Texas
***Much as I like the Honda, I would not get it simply because the price is too much. Here, in Canada, I was quoted prices of
$1 664 for a BBC Honda proline and $1450 for the Kawasaki version, so why pay the extra dollars? ***

A $214 (Canadian) premium for the Honda engine? Doesn't seem worth it to me. I like Honda engines, but Kawasaki's engines aren't much of step down.

There's an old saying: 200 bucks is 200 bucks.

Anyone else get quoted this price differential?


LawnSite Senior Member
oklahoma city
I found a place here in oklahoma city that has the suzuki non bbc for $899 this month. Also alamia.com has the suzuki for something like $980 with free shipping.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Atlanta, GA
Originally posted by Gabriel Turf
A recent article on www.consumerreports.org is a reason enough for me to steer clear of suzuki. Suzuki is still trying to sue the non-biased consumers union over their death trap Suzuki Samurai. My Kawasaki's run fine and I don't think I will pass my dollars to Suzuki after reading the article:
If you think Consumers Union is non-biased I have some swampland here to sell you. They are considered very liberal in some of their slants on things. I read an article somewhere a while back that they had to make some internal changes because it'd gone too far into advocacy and subscriptions had fallen off as people felt they could no longer trust their objectivity.

Oh yeah, and if you think you're getting the whole story on the matter by going to the website of one of the litigants in the matter, I have bridge to sell you too.

There were some errors made by both parties. It was in the news for years. CR exaggerated some of the criticisms and test results, that's what the suit was about.



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Nashville, TN
At least in the motorcycle world, Kawasaki and Suzuki now share technology, etc. (A type of merger agreement). Mainly dirtbikes, but they are now sharing tech on streetbikes also.
There are a few models this year (from both companies) that are are actually rebadged models of the other company.
So Gabriel Turf, be careful before you spend your dollars in the future-you might be getting a Suzuki with the Kawasaki badge on it!


LawnSite Member
Lincoln, NE
Don't forget the convenience of only having to carry one gas can....50:1 2-Cycle! Fill the big machines up in the am, they'll go all day, weed eaters, backpack blowers, 21's, etc. are thirsty and have to be filled lots. Also...the Suzi's are awesome engines, easy to work on, low maintenance, last forever. I'm sure the Kaw's are great as well, but that 2 cycle is hard to beat. Just my .02 worth.