21" Toro w/ 2 cycle suzuki

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Kilman's, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Kilman's

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    this motor has around 200 hrs, i have cleaned the exhaust port, carb, new spark plug, this motor is hard to start, the only way i can get it to start is to remove the air filter, that is clean

    any ideas:hammerhead:
  2. joed

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    I have had the same problem with mine. My 04 Suzuki has about 100 hours on it and it got hard to start early this year. First, an O ring had to be replaced and now, a fuel pump and fuel line is out of whack. I've been a little bit disappointed with these failures considering the reputation of this engine. Have those things tested and see.
  3. Kilman's

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    thanks for the input
  4. dutch1

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    I've worked on hundreds of Suzuki 2 strokes over the years and most starting problems are a rresult of choke butterfly not getting completely closed, jets in carb obstructed and low compression. The other problem occurs with age, particularly in dusty conditions, when the throttle butterfly shaft gets excessive wear and a lot of air is sucked by the worn shaft. The last I knew the Suzuki didn't have a fuel pump--thats a new one on me.

    You could be sucking some air some bad gaskets between the carb and block. Check that by squirting some car/choke cleaner in that area while the engine is running. If you get an increase in rpm you likely have an air leak.


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