21' users: Do you go clockwise or counter?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Damian, Dec 7, 2009.


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    for the times i do use the 21'' i see no diffrence in what direction i go and usually just go back and forth in straight lines
  2. Damian

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    So you see no difference in the amount grass on the hard surfaces?
  3. dishboy

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    If your mulching decks are leaving a trail on the right side you need to change something as you are leaving mulching performance on the table. Modern mulching technology gives even dispersion of clippings. Finding out which technology works is the mystery and secret that those who know probably won't share with the internet masses. Test , test test!
    Doing a extensive patent search will also be helpful.

    To the OP, rotating directions will stand up the turf better than picking one direction.
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  4. MyKisa

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    can make a good bit of difference.Cutting in the same direction makes the grass grow into a particular direction...countering that direction occasionally can not only offset footprint (using 21" in lieu of zt), but alter direction flow of grass growth. Be sure to mow no lower than last cut, for it can prove to be a bit too revealing.....most notably on zoysia
  5. N.TX

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    I get what your saying. I am always telling the guys to go clock wise 2 permiter strips then back and forth after that. Here are my reasons for going clockwise.
    1: Mulching mowers have a better vaccum on left side resulting in a better cut along pavement
    2: Most not all but most guys are right handed and seems like the ones trying to go counter clock wise are always banging stuff up or banging the mowers on the fence because for whatever reason they cant seem to use their left hand to pull it away from the fences
  6. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I prefer clockwise on 21"s because my pullrope will hang up on fences the other way. I do notice that in tall wet grass the left side cut bags way better so thats another reason to go clockwise so I can do a half overlap if needed to pickup extra clippings/leaves. Even with the 36" dual-hydro WB I mostly go clockwise unless I'm striping but many smaller yards don't allow the room to mess with striping. Also if I'm side discharging I need to clockwise for the first 2 or 3 laps then switch to counter that way I don't blow wet clippings all over buildings, windows, sidewalks, etc.
  7. Rupslawn

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    Honda mower manual recommends counterclockwise when mulching and clockwise when bagging. HRC model series, p. 27, Operation. Not a big deal, yet, operationally, more efficient.

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