21" vrs. wb.'s


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i use 21&quot; lawnboy i thought i could save time<br>buying a wb but they are hard to stear,they hit anything and they take it right out of there way! even trees! they dont save time on small yards! they scalp! they burn lots of gas and high maintance! ill stick to lb and ill bo alot better!<br>


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lawnranger, will you give it a rest already? Just because you could not operate commercial mower correctly do not put the blame on the mower... your the operater! You are misleading many people to use very ineffitient eqiupment and only hurting them. I dont have pictures on the net but look at For example Eric's pictures and kirbys pictures of lawns done with a commerical mower... thats the job commerical mowers do if they are operated correctly! Commerical mowers not only finish the job 4 times faster but also give a nicer cleaner cut. Dont blame the fact that your mower is running over trees (lol) on anyhting but yourself. The trick is too start using a walkbehind mower in first gear untill you are comfortable enough to run it at a normal speed. It took me all of 10 mintes to be able to operate my first walkbehind. I have trained employees in 10 minutes also and they do fine. If you want to be unproductive and work for fun then thats your problem but im sick of you misguiding people who want to do things the right way!


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In response to your post you state the following opinions:<p>1. They are hard to stear. Don't think so, my 14 year old son can operate mine with no problems. Squeeze both handles and go straight, release the left one and you go right, release the right and go left. Not a problem, takes a little practice.<br>2. They hit anything. So will your car, do you drive or walk? Your 21&quot; mower will hit anything......you let it hit.<br>3. They take it right out of there way! I don't have a clue what this means.<br>4. Even trees! I assume you are saying they hit trees, sure they will, so will your 21&quot;, and so will your car if YOU let it.<br>5. They dont save time on small yards! Really? My 48&quot; mower is still 48&quot;, and your 21&quot; is still only 21&quot;, even on a small lawn.<br>6. They scalp! Any mower will scalp if you have it too short.<br>7. They burn lots of gas. Bigger motor=more gas and more productivity. You drive a Yugo? They are better on gas than larger cars.<br>8. High maintance! Really? My Great Dane 48&quot; walk behind has had a total of ZERO repairs in 2 years. My Great Dane 52&quot; rider has had one repair in 3 years and the failure was my fault. What high maintenance and how would you know?<p>Please show us PROOF, not your opinion on why the great 21&quot; mower is better than the commercial walk behind. You stated in one of your earlier post that you mow for fun, that's GREAT, I also enjoy mowing. I do things for people also, just today I started mowing for an elderly man who had a massive stroke and is unable to maintain his lawn and due to 24 hour nursing his funds are very limited. I'm doing this at a significant discount and thanks to my larger mower I am able to do this for this man. If I was trying to run a business using your 21&quot; mower I would be mowing day & night and would not be able to help folks out.<p>You also said in another post family is important, and I agree. Today I mowed 12 lawns in 6 hours, made $440.00, was home by 7 (started at 12:30), and spent the morning and tonight with my boys. And please don't give me that materialistic crap, you criticize use for trying to mow faster to make more money when you have in your profile as your interest &quot;making $&quot;, PLEASE! We generally refer to people like that as HYPOCRITES. How long would it take you to mow 12 lawns with the 21&quot; mower? How much time would you have with your family?<p>Please stop giving BAD advice, your logic makes no sense. If you like your 21&quot; mower fine, keep it! Why do you continually post new topics trying to convince people to &quot;convert&quot; to a 21&quot; mower? We are not that dumb, sorry but I can't think of a better word. I will post a few photos of lawns I mow, you post a few you mow and we will compare 21&quot; v/s 48&quot;.<p>
<p>Where's the scalps? All trees are standing! This is nuts and a stupid topic. Hey Eric, let's see the photos of the lawns you mow with the pathetic commercial mower you use!<p>Ray<p><font size="1">Edited by: KirbysLawn


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I cut 20 acres a week, how long would that take with a 21&quot; mower? We even cut a 3500 sq ft lawn with our Walker beause time is money.

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Here is another way to look at this Lawnranger. Your 21&quot; LB will mow at 4 MPH tops. My new DC will mow at 12 MPH and it has 3-21&quot; cuts under the deck which add up to 60&quot; or 10 feet going down and back. This means it would take 9 Lawn Boys to equal the cutting amount of my DC. I would have to go out and buy 9 Lawnboys and hire 9 operators and how much gas would these 9 Lawnboys use compared to my 1 DC diesel which burns 3 quarts an hour. How long would these 9 Lawnboy operators be able to handle this 4 MPH in 90 plus degree heat that we will have in the next couple months? How much would it cost me for workmans comp for these employees? How many of the 9 guys would show up for work each day? How would I transport all of these 9 guys? I think it would end up being 18 guys to do as much as my 1 DC will which drives up the costs even more. I think you need to rethink what your saying. Now, do you think a 18 man crew could come even close to making a lawn look good? All it takes is one guy that isn\'t mowing straight to make a lawn look horrible. I understand you think the 21&quot; LB is the way to mow grass, but it\'s going to be hard to convince all of us commercial guys that your way is better. Here is a lawn that my Commercial mower mowed and I\'ve never ran over a tree in the past 15 years. Please post one of your lawn pictures so we can see how much better it looks.

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I think he's finally done. I'm glad I'm not the only one to be the &quot;bad guy&quot;!! I said it to him before, so I'm not going to repeat myself. I just don't like the fact that hes trying to bring the industry backwards instead of forwards. BUT, as you can see, he doesn't have too many followers!!! SCRUB in all senses of the word.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti