21 yards of Mulch!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Kivan12, Apr 5, 2013.

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    So you had 570 in material cost and about a grand in labor cost where's your profit? hmm? Like I said I would have charged 2K. You guys will learn one day, these type jobs are very labor intensive GET PAID FOR IT!
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    I agree that your price was low. You don't want to bust your butt and only profit $100 bucks at the end of the job. Your not making any money that way. Price your jobs to where you make a good profit. Don't go crazy when factoring in profit, but don't just do the job so you can say you did it.

    Also, just because the company you work for now charges 34/man hour, doesn't mean that is what you should charge. Everyone has different overhead that they should factor into their hourly rate. Make sure your covering all your costs. We have our labor costs broken down to the minute for each crew. Just some food for thought so you're better prepared next time. Good luck with the job!
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    take however many yards of mulch you need and multiply it times 100 or close to it, and then add sales tax, if you are paying it and that is the what it should be, i really hate doing mulch jobs for much less then 100/yard, its really not worth my time unless its already edged, weeded, cleaned and i just need to lay down mulch, only then can i dip below 100 yard and still make decent profit.
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    See the way I read his post is he charged 1675-570= about 1100 dollars. Now if he is one of the two guys working all he has in true labor costs is 150 max for a day and a half? so now he is at 950 for 12 ish hours of work? 80/hour after paying your help. Even if he had to pay 2 guys he's still at 800 for 12 hours or about 66 bucks an hour. I think he did pretty good.
  5. TFLE

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    These guys also aren't "professional" it's a laborer and his buddy. Not saying they won't do a great job but charging high end prices is a little ridiculous. Rolling onto a job in your pickup with a bunch of tools you scraped together and charge 100 bucks a yard for mulch is a bit absurd. Sounds like the OP will make a nice little payday on this side job. Good for him.
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    Wait a minute..... is this the homeowner trying to feel us out about pricing? Wouldnt be the first time it happened and I honestly wouldntl blame you for trying either... In this day and age of technology running rampant throughout our lives, one would be foolish and ignorant to not use all the tools available to get a good deal on a service or some inside information on HOW to get a good deal on a service. So, it's ok... we won't be mad... Are you the daughter or the mother Kivan12?
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    I am not sure what you are thinking but I did get paid quite a bit. My employee makes 13/hr and hes on the books so its more like 15 hr. His total for the job was 12 hours, so 180 for labor for this job. I have NO IDEA how you came up with the idea I had a grand in labor cost..

    Exactly. My labor cost was actually 180, but still this is exactly how I looked at it.. And to be honest I wasn't even the cheapest that bid this job, but I got it because I came highly recommended from a friend of theirs.

    Not sure if that was for me or not, but I am a professional. This is my sole income and I do everything by the books including my employees and taxes at the end of the year. This is my lively-hood and I try and do my best at all times. I may not have a ton of employees but I make out fairly well with me and another guy and in certain times of the year I have three guys. I didnt even know my employee when I hired him, so no it wasnt me hiring my buddy lol I did not just "scrape" together all my equipment, I worked very hard and paid for everything I have.
    No offense was taken I just wanted to clear that up
  8. TFLE

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    No it was meant for the guy who started the thread. He said the guy he works for charges X amount of dollars and a buddy of his was going to help him. I took that to mean he's just a dude looking to put down some mulch and shouldn't be charging what his boss or you or I would. The guy is just looking for a good payday IMO and isn't really "growing a business" at least not yet, maybe laying the foundation for one.

    * And these guys that say they lay mulch at 100 bucks per yard is that everything included? Clean-up, edging, delivery ect... Even if much costs 30 bucks per yard how are you charging 70 bucks a yard to apply it. I think that is just crazy town and am perplexed people pay that. I can't believe some of the prices people say yes to and I'm at 50-60 bucks a yard plus some extras. (30 delivery, edging maybe 50 bucks, some prep ect.). I could never imagine charging someone 1000 + dollars on a 10yd job. That for me is 190 bucks in mulch. So 810 profit and with three guys could be done by lunch and be in 150 in labor= 660 for four hours. Holy moley.
  9. JDGlandscape

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    Gotcha. Yeah I agree, 100 per yard is very high and that would not fly around here. The main reason my price was so high is because of the cleanup, profit margins are higher for that than mulch for me. Most legit companies around here are in the 47-75 a yard installed. Towards the higher end of that range for the smaller mulch jobs. and the few companies that have mulch blowers can do it really cheap. I am right in the middle of that for the average mulch job, lots of mulch the price per yard goes down slightly and the jobs that are only a couple yards are typically more money. But I include everything in that price, mulch, edging, weeding, and pulling perennials if its that time of the year.

    Although that one guy who said 100 a yard does live in Connecticut, that is a very expensive state to live in and that state also has a pretty high average salary and home price. He probably pays a lot more for mulch that just about everyone else in the country pays for.
  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    yes ct is expensive, and the houses i do work at for the most part, are business owners, ceo's of fortune 500 companies, sports writers, ER doctors, linesman, ects, and all make 6 figures easy, some closer to 7 figures. I also include everything in my price, edging, weeding, delivery, installation, and I buy my mulch from the place that makes it, so its the best price in this area, depending on what blend the customer wants its 18-28 dollars a yard. 100 a yard is my target price, i don't always get that, sometimes its 80-90 dollars a yard, but i still end up ok at that price.

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