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21 Yer Old Kubota Refurbised

zim bob the landscaper

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Fitchburg, MA
nice machine i like it what do u use it for are u a homeowner or landscaper


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New Orleans
I bought the tractor after hurricane Katrina. My wife says I'm the best for finding an excuse to add to my "tool and equipment museum"! Degreasing the tractor chasis was the hardest job. Body parts remove easily with a few bolts holding each part. I painted the chasis and wheels. My younger brother painted the hood and fender because he never shot orange before! Local tractor dealership installed the Bush Hog front end loader. I added the grapple, the electric diverter valve, and the roll bar (sandwiched between draft control and transmision). I'm using the tractor to continue cleaning my property since hurricane Katrina and helping out my neighbor with his property too.

Mr. "olderthandirt" will be happy to know that I've corrected the oversight on the tires. Yep, I'm embarrased. My wife still can't figuire out what I was doing at 10 pm last night!

Copy of Kubota Chasis Painted.jpg


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Wow looks like you have one hell of a shop back there. At first glance it looks just like a new model.