22 acre baseball complex

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by The Yard Barber Inc., Jan 27, 2009.

  1. The Yard Barber Inc.

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    hey guys I normally do residential and small commercial but recently I got a chance to mow a 22 acre basball complex with only 2 baseball fields. they want it cut every week and want me to also pick up the trash. any idea of what I should charge?
  2. Rockin Cajun

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    what is your hourly rate and how many hours do you think it will take you and are you doing it alone or with help?
  3. The Yard Barber Inc.

    The Yard Barber Inc. LawnSite Member
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    I looked at it like that earlier and it came out to be about $630 per cut I'm not sure if thats high or low or what. I have nothing to compare it to.
  4. Rockin Cajun

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    I agree with fire11. you need to make sure that you are going to make money on the deal rather than just getting the work. so if you feel that $630 will pay for you, your help, and your equipment then go for it. let me give you an example. I cut a hotel lawn. not much cutting, mostly weedeating, edging, and just making the place look nice. They don't have much grass at all to cut. I put two guys on it and they spend about an hour and a half once a week. I charge them $175 per trip so. I do not bid my commercial accounts the same as i do my residential, thats just me. I make sure that everything we do is quality, and customers don't mind paying for quality. As a matter of fact you could actually lose a bid if you come in a whole lot lower than the competition.
  5. EagleLandscape

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    for a 22 acre ball field, the absolute minimum i would charge would be 60 an acre, plus 7 an acre for trash.

    22 x 60 = 1320
    22 x 7 = 154
    if you do small commercial, do you have the equipment to do this type of job? wide area mower? atleast a 60" ztr? 2 of them would be better.
  6. foreplease

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    Good point on the garbage and having suitable equipment. With a solid contract for a park this size, I would purchase the equipment if I did not already have it - provided I felt capable of doing the job.

    It's off-topic, but I always wonder on these kinds of jobs what is being done about fertilizer and pesticides; how much of what should be done is being done, who is doing it, if anyone, and (better yet) would they be interested in having me do that too.

    Is it irrigated? How much trim work needs to be done and how often? With 22 acres and only two ball fields there is surely a lot of space outside the fences. I always like to try to find out why they are interested in having a new person do the work.

    There must be some parking areas in a park of this size. Don't forget to net out the acreage that does not need to be mowed when it is time to get competitive on the price (lots of garbage in parking lots though).
  7. RD 12

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    I'll give you the same advise i give others who want to take on baseball fields. They are used a lot and seen by a bunch of people (possible customers.) To make a baseball field look good you may need to cut more than once a week. I take a lot of pride in my work and think what the finish product looks like. My point is the people who run the park may not care too much, but possible customers will use and see your finished product.
  8. big acres

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    True, you should consider that there is hidden opportunitys with heavy use like: sod replacement, fill/regrade, aeration, irrigation, drainage, infield maintenance, fert/weed, etc... Back in the 1990s, we took on a two field sports bar and welded a roller to ride like a sulky and stripe it twice before big tourney's... looked great, but the owner was a cheap azz (he is in Andover MN, btw) and went with someone else. At least we got a 6k drain tile job before that. Someone else built a better facility nearby and maintains it well... stole half the guys biz.

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