22' custom lawn trailer for sale Indiana

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    Built this trailer a year and a half ago. Tandem axle, electric brakes on both axles. Spare tire/rim included. Solid oak floor. 5' long rear ramp gate w/lift springs, 4'x4' side gate, nice 3 spot trimmer rack (better design & easier and faster to operate than most i've seen), front locking cage (holds 2 backpack blowers, hand blower & gas can(s) easily), 2 5/16" trailer ball size, 7.5' wide. This is not a SUPER heavy duty trailer. Its great for mowers, mulch, any lawn/landscaping duties, but I would not haul a car, truck or heavy tractor on it without some beefing up. With some proper bracing it could be a strong trailer though. I have no need for this trailer anymore, it has been a great trailer and plenty big enough for anything i've needed to haul, great for that. Its worked great for us. Has backup lights, backup alarm, 4 sets of side mounted turn and taillights, side reflectors, electric brakes with breakaway battery & charger, spare tire holder, swing away Bull Dog jack, 7 pole round RV style connector for lights etc. Actually narrower than most trailers because the fenders sit inside the deck instead of outside, so its alot easier to drive and fits in alot tighter spots that way, snugs in closer to the curb when parked. I don't remember exactly how wide it is between the fenders but i can easily fit my 60" Lazer through there, has a few inches each side clearance... With the UltraVac on, it still fits because the U-V blower fan slopes upward and it slides over top of the fender clears by bout an inch so it works out that way too still... in these pics it has a 48" belt drive Viking, 52" hydro Turf Tracer HP, and 60" Lazer and still a few feet to spare. Trailer pulls very nice and balances out great, axle placement is perfect its very easy to backup, and you can load the mowers in whatever order you want and i've found it never overloads the truck or gives you negative tongue weight. Just a good trailer I simply don't need it anymore, i would keep it for the few times i would use it but really don't have that much spare room.

    Here's a bunch of pictures of it loaded and unloaded. Just the same as in the pictures, except I switched it to a manual crank jack. I still have the electric jack and it can be put back on, I just took it off because it wouldn't fit under the bed of the dump truck (pulled with the dump for leaf season, bed sticks out a bit). http://lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=115105

    Located in Columbus, Indiana. Delivery or partial delivery possible for a fee.

    call my cell at 812-371-6069


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