223-d toro mower 62" deck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kykase, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. kykase

    kykase LawnSite Member
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    I need to replace the belt but don't have a routing diagram. does anyone know how?
  2. pugs

    pugs LawnSite Gold Member
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    You should be able to look at the parts breakdown on toro's website. You will need the actual model number of the mower to look it up though.
  3. Swampy

    Swampy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you can't find one give me some time I can snap a picture of one tomorrow.

    Edit: you can't PM yet but if you want we are selling our 223 as a parts machine, has a blown motor.

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