22hp Kaw vs 27hp Kohler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by fourlevel, Jan 6, 2014.

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    I knew you would agree...I just had a young boy deliver my fuel injected Super Z back from my dealer. He is brand new at his job of delivering and asked me if it was possible for a mower to cut grass at the speed my mower would run. I told him to watch, then took the mower out into the back yard and cut four straight passes at full speed. He was watching very intently, when I pulled up to where he was standing he said, "I've never seen anything cut grass that fast, and cannot believe there is not a blade left standing, it is cut perfectly."

    I asked him if he had ever operated a Super Z in grass and he told me no, all he did was drive them around on the yard and deliver. I stepped off the mower and told him to give it a try, he jumped on and took off, mowed a few passes, then came back and said, "there is no way a person can believe that possible unless experiencing it." I told him that was why I gave him the opportunity, so he would know without doubt a Super Z can cut grass perfectly at top speed.

    He also made the statement, "I don't know how old this mower is, but I've never operated any new mower we sell that starts and runs as good as this mower." I said, "now you can understand why I say this engine is far superior to the Kawasaki I have sitting in your shop waiting on a new camshaft."
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    Kawasaki's - Japanese Quality Made

    Kohler - Made in USA with Chinese crap
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    Obviously, you didn't research your statement, before making it. Nor, have you worked in a capacity involving small engines. :laugh:
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    I've been chatting with a guy on another forum the last few days. he has a machine with the Kohler Courage engine. That one is chinese made, and his says so right on it, but the Command series are not. I am not a big fan of Kohler these days, but fair is fair, and honest is honest.
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    Yeah, I think if one were around a shop, everyday, one would see something wrong with all of 'em. In the powersports industry, I saw a lot of Kawasaki issues with their Mules and ATVs. BMW's sportbike engines are Chinese-made and are fantastic powerplants. They reliably put out 190hp from 1000cc capacity. There are far too many variables involved to base anything simply on a nameplate or country of manufacture.
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    China must make quite a few good products, Americans seem to love what is sold showing their label, "Made in China."

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