22hp liquid cooled engine sputter

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by C4chris70, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. C4chris70

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    Last week I purchased a 52 inch Scag TT with a 22hp kawi liquid cooled. So far I have been impressed with the cut of the Advantage deck, but the engine began to sputter and pop with only 1 hour on it. I took it to the shop where they cleaned the carb, flushed the tank, and replaced filters at no cost. They determined that the unit had been on the showroom floor for a while and that the fuel went stale. This unit now has 10 hours on it and is beginning to sputter and pop again. I have a 17hp kawi on a Hustler Shortcut that has given me constant trouble since day one. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to hopefully solve this problem, or is this just typical for Kawasaki engines? Any help would be appreciated..
  2. captdevo

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    Did the service they provided work??

    try loosening or replacing your gas cap, it may not be venting properly.

    make sure none of the fuel lines are crimped, and fuel shut off valve is open and clear.

    it sounds like it's running lean.

    Make sure to check all electrical connections.

  3. General Grounds

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    :blob2: hey chris with your 17 kawi what peoblem do you have? i have a breather problem where my engine oil ends up in my filter, kawi insists the engine is fine both myself and the dealer have made several enquiries to kawi and they seem to feel they make a flawless product. im sorry i spent the extra cash to go with a "better" motor. never again will i put a kawi on my mowers. i have kohlers w/ 2700 that have'nt burned an once of oil or smoked. good luck T.
  4. khouse

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    I had a friend with the same problem with his 22 kaw. After a dozen service trips he said that finally someone drilled out the inlet to the needle to the carb. It's been running 2 years without a sputter. Something to look at any way.
  5. Scott182

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    It could be a couple of different things. I think you should return it to your dealer and have them call Kawasaki If they can't seem to fix it. I would also be interested in the problems your having with the 17 HP.
  6. C4chris70

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    Thank you for your suggestions on some things to look at. Sorry it took a while to get back with all of you. I was away on vacation for the past week. I will be taking it to the dealer again tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

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