23 hp kawasaki fh680v running bad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GREEN ACRES L&L, Jul 27, 2004.


    GREEN ACRES L&L LawnSite Member
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    I have a wright stander with a 23hp fh680v kawasaki engine. It has started fouling the plug and now it want to run very poor. When the engine is running and the air filter is off it seems to run fine, once the I put the filter on it wants to choke out. It has not lost any power. I put a new filter on it air & gas. Does anyone have any knowledge of this engine & carb.:confused:
  2. firefighter

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    I also have the same motor. I had the same trouble with mine a year ago. Changed air filter and prefilter. That took care of problem. I would say try another new filter with a new prefilter. I would bet that its in the filter. When it starts fouling plugs and running like its being choked, dirty air filter.

  3. MOturkey

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    Yep, same problem on my Gravely 250Z. New filter seems to have solved the problem. Neill
  4. energy

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    maybe it is your coils. does it seem like it runs like it has water in it? If that is the case, i would look there.
  5. ludwiglawncare

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    Had a similar problem and found out it was a defective choke making the engine run rich and fould plugs. New choke took care of the problem.
  6. landcruiser

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    You are experiencing a "rich" condition meaning it's getting too much fuel and not enough air. Can it be caused by a dirty air filter? Yes, but it would have to be EXTREMELY dirty and restricting a huge amount of air. I would look into the choke problem as someone previously stated. Take your time, logically eliminate things and it will come to you. Coils hardly ever go bad. They can but it is very unusual on any motor. I've worked on engines all my life and I haven't replaced a handful of coils.
  7. DennisF

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    The engine has an air flow problem or the choke mechanism is faulty. Either way DO NOT run the engine without an air filter installed. You will dust the engine in a matter of hours without the air filter on. A dusted engine will destroy itself very quickly. if you can't troubleshoot the problem yourself have a dealer or mower repair shop do it. A simple carb adjustment or repair may be all that is needed. Even if you have to replace the carb..do it and don't operate the mower without the air filter. Believe me.. I've done it and paid the price with an engine rebuild. Don't make the same mistake. Good luck!
  8. Tharrell

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    I hate to disagree with a previous poster but, I worked at a major shop last year and the Kawasaki coils do go bad. This situation sounds like a dirty air filter or some clogged jets though.

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