23 HP Kawasaki will not start


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23 HP Kawasaki turns over, checked fuel pump and it is pushing gas. Fuel pump is on downstream side of fuel pump, so the filter isPull plugs and it seems like no gas it getting in to cylinder. Suspected maybe a bad solenoid (at bottom of carb bowl) - but it is fine. Then pulled bowl, thinking maybe float valve was sticking closed, but that was fine. Pulled off carb, cleaned everything and put back together with new o-rings and gaskets.

Where should I look next? Thing was running fine two days ago. It's a Wright Stander, so could there be some safety interlock on it? The puzzling part is the solenoid pulls in, which is interlocked with the start switch, so I thought that any other safety switch would be in series with that circuit leading up to fuel bowl solenoid. Oh, and I am getting spark.


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If the plugs are dry then I would still bet on solenoid. Put a little gas into the carb opening. If it runs for a second then you know its fuel. You can also verify spark with a tester.

That solenoid can be tricky, just because its clicking it might not be working. Its really the only thing that will stop fuel flow after the pump unless the needle valve is really clogged.

Any other interlocks are going to cut spark not fuel so check to see if you have spark or if it will run if fed a bit of fuel.