23 hp Kawaski hard to start - flooded?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by southerngroundscare, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Ahh yeah, just gotta love how easy a hammer can crack magnets and make the whole thing worthless. A big problem we have around here is that since we just recently opened up a full time shop last year, and are the only actual (read that to mean certified for various manufactures warranty work, have the right tools, and the knowledge to fix them) repair shop in I'd say a 20 mile radius, we get stuff in here that people's friends, or the (I can't really type the words now, just thinking about the other people that people take their stuff to to get it royally f%#ked up makes me want to kill the other people so that they aren't messing up people's stuff anymore) and then they don't understand why they have to wait so long. I guess they think the 30 other units that are sitting here when theirs shows up aren't really in line or something... I don't know...

    Anyway, congrats on the Briggs MST cert. I've seen the sample tests, and man.. with what little I know personally at this point, it'll be another couple of years before I'd even attempt that certification. (let me clarify that my father owns the shop and does most of the in depth engine work such as overhauls and rebuilds)
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    My guess is your carb is shot. If so, then go with the updated carb from Kawasaki (intervented). Changing the carb will also allow you to move up to 25 hp. Your best price will be from Russo in Chicago. I just checked on doing this to mine yesterday. The price was only $225.
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    I had the same problem with the 23 hp Kawasaki on my Hustler Z. I was replacing the sparkplugs and cleaning the air filter about three times a week. I went to my dealer and bought a replacement air filter kit. It is a canister type and replaces the small filter that is mounted to the engine. It also came with new, smaller jets for the carb. I have not had a problem since I went to the new filter system. I noticed a big difference with increased power and less fuel comsumption.
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    There is probably some type of bulletin available from either a Kawasaki dealer or the Wright Stander people. If there is a kit available with jets included yours will never run right without it.
    I would get on the phone with a Kaw Wright dealer and ask about this kit.
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    I just had this problem with mu 15hp kawi. The choke when on full was not fully closed so it would take for ever to start. I solved this till I took it to the shop by giving it too shots of carb cleaner. now it starts first pull aftrer they fix the choke which i did not even thing about at the time

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