23 hp Kawi Blue Smoke

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dan1944, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Dan1944

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    Here is my "problem?" I have a Hustler 52" Z with 23 hp Kawi. It runs great, but on occasion (maybe 1 out of 10-15 restarts) on the trailer it will start with a good deal of blue oil smoke for a few seconds. It will never do this on the first start in the morning. it has 100 hours on it I am using Amsoil 10w30 switched at 80 hours from regular oil, yes it did it before the switch. I don't seem to be using any oil and it doesn't't smoke under load at full throttle. It is still under warranty, my dealer says that this is not considered a problem. I am not convinced. I was wondering that since it only does it on the trailer after going up a 45 degree angle ,if this has anything to do with it ? Does any one have any experience with this condition ?
  2. mike9497

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    sounds like valves.leak on one of the seals.send it to the dealer.it might be fine until the engine gets to curtain temp then it will blow out some blue smoke.sometimes you can get away with this and not worry about it,but i would have it checked out.couldn't hurt right
  3. Meier

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    ++++I am not convinced. I was wondering that since it only does it on the trailer after going up a 45 degree angle ,if this has anything to do with it ++++

    Perhaps you've got too much oil in the engine?

    DFW, TX
  4. mike9497

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    that could be.the oil is going up to the valves and flooding the cycl.so your mixing gas with oil which is not that good.so when it fires its pushing out some oil and burning the rest off.but i would still have someone look at it just to be safe.sounds like to much oil also check it out.go to another dealer.alot of big dealers don't wanna be bothered until the engine blows. then there going to say its your fault and you have to pay up for a new engine
  5. Richard Martin

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    I have seen quite a few small engines do this. If I let the 25 Kohler on my Dixie sit on the car ramp (for a blade change) for too long it will do it. There isn't a whole lot of height difference in the engine between the bottom of the cylinder and the top of the oil level. When you tip the engine up the oil will run to one end of the engine. If that end has the cylinder then the oil will run into the cylinders and can seep a small amount of oil past the rings.

    I would not worry about it unless it is smoking all of the time.
  6. IBGreen

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    I've got an 18 hp Kawi. and it does the same thing only every once in a while.
  7. LawnMower

    LawnMower LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 17-horse Kawasaki on my Bobcat and it dose the very same thing. It usually will happen on a cold start in the morning. It will choke so much blue smoke that I can’t see to the other end of the garage. It will continue to belch blue smoke for a good 3 minutes after. However it doesn’t use oil, and it doesn’t smoke ones it has stopped. Full throttle conditions are fine. I have plenty of power too.

    Last season I started having hot start problems. Ones or if I got it started, it would run on one cylinder for 3 minutes or so, until the other kicked in. I have yet to figure out what’s wrong there.
  8. mike9497

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    check the plugs and the mag.the mag is firing 2 plugs so it sounds like you have a bad wire coming from the mag or just a bad plug
  9. Nozzleman

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    There was some discussion on this about a week ago but I can' find the thread. I have a 17hp v-twin that does the same thing and here is my .02 worth. I don't think it's valve guides because if that were the case it would more than likely blow smoke on every start up. Also, if it was a bad plug or wire you would have rough running and black smoke. Instead, I think the piston rings rotate on the piston as the engine runs and every so often when you shut it down the piston ring gaps end up in alignment causing some oil to seep into the cylinder. This is very common in these engines so don't worry about it.
  10. LawnMower

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    Iv also heard that if you have a blocked air cleaner, the engine would suck the oil past the breather. To much vacuum in the carb. But the is theory cant be possible with me, do to the fact my air cleaner is fresh. Its almost like oil gathers someplace where its not supposed too, when the engine is not running.

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