23 hp Kohler Commander

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lakesidecutter, Oct 7, 2007.

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    Help Needed!

    I have a Kohler Comander 23 that is leaking oil either around the oil filter or just behind it. What is behind the filter that would cause a leak? Gasket? I had the oil changed and noticed some oil on the deck after untrailering it. I checked the oil and it seemed ok. Ran the unit for about 20 min and checked it again still ok but still some oil on the deck. I left the unit for a couple of hours and returned to find oil all over the floor. The stick now reads about half. I have not started it since and plan to return to the shop. Any ideas?
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    I bet when they changed the oil filter they didn't remove the old oil filter gasket. Slapped the new filter on w/ the gasket already on it. Pull the oil filter to see if there is 2 gaskets on there.
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    Just what I was thinking, some one in a hurry or not thinking about what they where doing......:hammerhead:
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