23 Kaw runs on 1 cylinder When hot

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Dan1944, May 17, 2005.

  1. Dan1944

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    I have a Hustler mini with a 23 hp Kaw. It starts and runs fine when cold or just warm. After cutting a lawn and loading on trailer and unload 10-15 minutes later it runs on only one jug. If I keep it at full throttle after 20-40 secounds the other jug kicks in. I think this is a no brainier and had the dealer order 2 coil assemblies. Does any one else have any ideas ? Postscript: If it is running on one jug and I pull the outboard plug wire the motor dies. If I pull the inboard plug there is no change and I have been noticing a slight loss of power while cutting a day or two before this started to happen.


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  2. dutch1

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    Check for spark on the suspected cylinder when this condition occurs. If you have spark at the plug its possible that you have a valve hanging up. You might do a compression check on the problem cylinder when this condition occurs, particularly if you have spark at the plug.
  3. Restrorob

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    Looks like dutch1 has got you pointed in the right direction,I don't know what brand spark plugs your running but I've seen NGK's cause the same problem.
    Keep in mind a plug could spark out of the engine but not under compression.
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    I just had to put on two new ignition coils on my 02 60" Lazer with a 23hp Kawi with just under 600 hours on it. It was fowling out both plugs when this was happening, once I replaced the coils it has run great ever since this season. On my 02 Metro HP with a 15 hp Kawi it took forever to start up one morning, I had to pull the plugs and burn the fuel off of them then it finally started but was running like crap. I pulled on plug wire off and had no change in the way the engine was running. I replaced the coil on that side and started it up and it ran fine.
  5. Dan1944

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    I just replaced coils in the Kaw, Ran it hard today, Never missed a beat! My Kaw has 560 hours on it, so when I read your reply, it gave me more confidence that I had diagnosed it right !!!
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    had the same problem on our 23 hp kaw. Ran great when cold when the engine got hot only one cylinder. We originaly thought a sticky valve because the repair shop owner said he has never replaced a coil on that engine before however it was a coil.
    food for thought always talk to the mechanics not the service mngr who never works on the stuff

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