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23 Kaw Sputtering

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I am having a slight problem with my 01' 23hp Kaw which is on my 52" HP. The engine has just under 800 hours on it. About once a day....maybe twice it will just start sputtering out really bad and the RPM's will drop way down. To relieve this I take the load off the engine(stop the mower from moving and disengage the blades), it doesn't always stop right away, so then I throttle down the engine and pulling out the choke half way helps sometimes. Any ideas on what the problem may be? Perhaps some dirt in the carb? but I'm not really sure. Thanks for the help.
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It's hard to say but dirt in the carb is a very real possibility. I'd recommend taking it to the dealer for inspection. Do you sense the smell of gasoline fumes when this happens?


Check your gas cap vents, you never know!

How about fuel filter?

Could be sediment in carb working its way around every now and then.
Esby the same thing happend to me but not as bad as what yours is doing

and my dealer said it's either dirt or water in the carb so do as Terry says get it to your dealer

and Terry what would the smell of fumes mean? don't worry my machine is running fine i'm just wondering

Lazer Z,

Dirt in a carburetor can cause several different things. If dirt causes the float to stick it can allow excessive amounts of fuel to flow through the carburetor.

When this occurs several things can happens, none of them good, some of them bad.

Dirt just really causes havoc on the current carbs that are on the market to day. Fuel filters should be change annually at a minimum. The filters are cheap compared to having the carb rebuilt or worse yet, replaced.


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