23 kawasaki problem help please

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CAG, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. CAG

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    i have a 23 kaw on a ferris ztr that started to blow white smoke today and then cut out.. the motor is not knocking or making any weird noises when first starting up, but will smoke like crazy and then cuts out like you pulled the choke up.. the choke has suck before and that usually puts out black smoke, so i would assume that thats not the problem. i thought maybe a bad valve or ring, but when i pulled the plugs out the were both oiled up so im thinking the chances of both sets of valves or rings went bad at the same time are pretty slim.. if anyone has any advice or suggestions on what could be wrong that would be great.. the motor has about 1500 hrs, worked a little hard but well maintained and i have always use synethic oil.. i also did check oil level too and it was not over filled, black, or had metal shaving in it .... thanks in advance for any help
  2. MowerMedic77

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    You said the unit had around 1500 hrs how many valve adjustments have been done on this unit? Kawi V-twins need adjustments every 300hrs as regular maint.
    Provide your exact model # and spec# and I can give you exact #'s
  3. CAG

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    from ct
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    i know its a fh680v, but the mowers at my shop and i cant get the spec tonight. every 300 hrs thats a shock to me, thanks for the help i will get the spec tomorrow.. would it be safe to assume thats the problem with never having them adjusted before, or are their other things i might be able to check first because i would not know how to adjust them.. just trying to avoid a long wait at the dealer..
  4. MowerMedic77

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    Have you replaced the air filter recently there are two filters one for externally vented carb and one for internally vented. You can't use the externally vented air filter item# 11013-7024 if its a internally vented carb but you can use filter item# 11013-7027 on both units according to kawi. Unless of course it has the Heavy Duty Canister filter then just forget about the above statement. Thats really the only other thing I would check maybe have them do some valve guide seals since so many hours on the unit when your getting the valves adjusted.
  5. Restrorob

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    Kawasaki also states to de-carbon cylinders every 300 hours, It could also be a build up of carbon popping loose from the pistons or heads.
  6. sawman65

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    i dislike the kawasakis a lot, to much maint to do to often,they do have the power though. check the vent tube first.allways check the small stuff first.
  7. rluscomb

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    Is it a water cooled engine? Have you or someone changed oil lately? Have you or someone added oil lately? If you fill the 23hp kaw by even 3 oz it will cause severe damage to the motor and cause it to smoke like a smoke machine. replace oil seals, rings, and head gaskets. Be sure this is the problem before jumping into this task, pull a plug out and if it shoots oil out like a shot gun, you are gonna be a little busy.

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