23hp kaw surging

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bobinMD, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. bobinMD

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    2001 exmark w/ fh680v. both plugs look lean (white), surges anywhere from 1/4 to full throttle. rapidly moving throttle from low to high, or applying load causes surging. choking the engine to the point it's coughing black and then backing off cures the surging for a minute or two. compression ok, valve gap looks ok, but engine lacks power. new fuel, plugs, cleaned carb, flushed lines best i could, any ideas? some days it is much worse than others. slowly moving the throttle from low to high can prevent the surging until load is applied. maybe missed something in carb? thanks
  2. khouse

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    Remove carb and clean and blow it out. Clean out fuel tanks. Replace fuel filter. Flush fuel lines. Clean your fuel containers. That should do it.
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    Im having the same problem with a scag WB with a Kaw motor on it. The throttle cant go past 1/4 or it surges really bad. I tried everything listed above (Did it many times) but it still does it, but now if I take the throttle up past the full throttle all the way to choke it runs fine and in full throttle. So my full throttle is no in the choke position. I just hope it continues to walk.
  5. khouse

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    If you apply the choke it it runs better then you still have someting in the carb. You must blow the carb out with 120 pounds of compressed air.
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    Check for vacuum leaks between the carb & the engine.

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