23HP kAW VS 25HP kOH

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Fullthrottle, Jul 17, 2001.

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    How much difference in performance could one expect between the 23 kaw and 25 koh? I'm going to purchase one or the other in the next week, but I'm not sure which to go with. I'm affraid of the Koh with the trouble they give, but was impressed with the power it had. Would one notice the diff between the two?
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    Full Throttle,

    Good question but with a not so simple answer. Most of the issues with the 25 hp Kohler engines have been corrected. At this time we receive very few negative comments on either the performance or the reliability of the current version of this engine. The Kawasaki on the other hand is new; we have received very few isolated negative comments about this engine as well.

    The 25 may have a slight edge in horsepower, has a factory canister air filter option, it is a little louder, and some might say a little less refined. The 23 Kawasaki on the other hand is smoother and quieter than the Kohler engine. We’ve also heard a few comments regarding good fuel economy of this engine. My suggestion would be to ask your local dealer. Generally most dealers will recommend the engine that has the best regional support. In any given area it may be easier to get parts, technical support or warranty support for one engine than it is the other.

    If I had to make a decision I would base it solely on the dealers experience with the engine manufacturers support after the sale. After that it all comes down to which engine you prefer. Some like Chevy, some like Ford and some like Dodge. It all depends upon your preferences.

    Good luck

  3. John DiMartino

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    I felt a noticeable diiference in power in 2 diiferent 23 Kawi's.The Kawi's were stronger than the 2000 25 kohlers ,one on my Dixie,the other on a Bobcat Zt200.The Kawi is cheaper,stronger,quiter,smoother,and not as finicky as the Kohler .My cousin had a 23hp Kawi demo for 3 weeks last season while he waited for his deluxe with 25Kohler to come in,when he got his new machine,he was very dissapointed,and wanted the demo back,the kawi used 3 gallons less fuel a week on the same exact lawns,had more power,and never ticked or knocked and pinged like the kohler does.The kawi feels like it is 2-3hp stronger then the 25 kohler,from my seat of pants,no bogging on hills at all,the kohler bogged on every hill.still does.
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    I agree with John. I have run both engines alot. I would not trade my 23 Kaw for a 25 kohler. Has a lot more power and runs a lot better. :)

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