23hp Kohler engine

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by weaver_b, Jan 11, 2003.

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    If you go to the engine chart on your web site and click on the
    23hp Kohler (Vertical), it brings up the specs for that engine.

    The specs list this as a 22hp engine. Is this a 22 or 23 hp engine?
    Also, the max torque is listed as 38.2 lbs. ft @ 2200 RPM.

    Could you clear up the horsepower question, and also give
    the torque rating at 3600 RPM.

    Thanks in advance for your response!
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    It is a 23 hp. I believe this is an old specification (Kohler may be able to verify) that goes back a couple of years. The 23 is a 23 and the 22 no longer exists that I am aware. The big differences in the two engines were an increase in displacement on the 23 and elimination of the spark advance module that was used on the 22. The result was an engine that ran right with the 25 but at less cost. The 22 on the other hand couldnÂ’t even compete with the 23.

    Torque is going to be around 32 ft. lbs. at 3600 or about a 1 ft. lb. drop from the peak rating of 33 ft. lbs..

    I believe that on paper the 22 and 23 were very close if not identical. In the real world however the 23 really made the 22 look under powered.



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