24 Acre Campus Pic

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MMLawn, May 21, 2006.

  1. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    A little cell phone pic of one tiny section of a 24 acre campus that we maintain. We run 3 60" Z's and 1 72" Z on this one.

  2. aDreamSoReal

    aDreamSoReal LawnSite Member
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    Cool! How long does it take you with all 4 machines?
  3. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping LawnSite Gold Member
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    looks great, ide love to be able to just mow that once. i love big propertys.
  4. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    That crew starts cutting it at 7AM and are usally done by 1PM, including the trimming and edging 10,000 feet of sidewalks and curbing.
  5. DLCS

    DLCS LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Just out of curiosity, how many guys do you put on that property? Seems to me that 6hrs is really making good time for that amount of work. I couldn't imagine edging almost 2 miles of sidewalks, let alone on a 24 acre property.:)

    Oh btw, how's that new enclosed trailer working out for you? Do you have any pics of it all set up?
  6. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    Funny Mike, because I've always felt like they were dragging and should be finished by noon. The reason I say that is with 4 guys cutting for 6 hours that only averages out to 1 acre per hour per man and I felt they should be doing better than that. As an example they finished today at 1:15PM. They then have to mow a sports complex that we maintain and on that it is 7.2 acres that is entirely fenced in and only 2 of them cut while 2-3 trim. No blowing or edging here at all yet they arrived there at 1:35PM and finished that at 3:30PM, so on that they are hauling :dizzy:

    But I guess I shouldn't worry or complain...huh?.... as they maintained 31.7 acres in 8.5 hours
  7. carcrz

    carcrz LawnSite Silver Member
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    sounds like some good money.
  8. lawncare18

    lawncare18 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Can we see your new trailer and mower set up... thanks in advance and keep up the good work!!!!
  9. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have a ton of equipment, trucks and trailers so I don't have any "one" pic of it all. If you search I have posted a pic of one of my traveling crews and their trailer with 2 Z's, 1 WB, a trim 21" mower, and all the handhelds. The trailer that DLCS was asking about is a new 2006 28' enclosed that I bought for my overnight traveling crew and there are a couple pics of it in the truck and trailer forum but I don't have any since it was outfitted and put in use, but will try and get some. The way that we decided was best for this crew and it's needs is that it carries three (3) 60" JD 757 ZTR's, one (1) 36" Hydro WB, one (1) 44" Hydro WB, one (1) Honda Commercial 21", three (3) Backpack blowers, one (1) WB Blower, four (4) trimmers, two (2) stick edgers, one (1) WB edger, three (3) Backpack Sprayers, 30 gallons of extra gas and 10 gallons of extra mix gas, and tons of odds and ends they need. They pull it with a 2005 F350 dually.
  10. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    Heres another one on a section of the campus. This is an open "rec area" and natural area behind the Admin offices. Sorry for the pic quality, but it is a cell phone pic again.


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