24 ft enclosed trailer

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    24ft A-OK enclosed trailer. It has 5200# axles, v nose, extended tongue to make for easier towing and save fuel has room for generator if one is needed to mount on tounge next to the plug for the service breaker box mounted inside. Trailer has insulated walls and roof and have aluminum walls over plywood. Has vinyl checker board floor with diamond plate ramp door. Has shelves in the v nose area inside. Has 2 roof vents and one is wired for ac and 2 side vents. Has LED lights on the outside and 2 48in florescent inside lighting with wall plugs inside and outside. This trailer is made of all tubing and no z metal in it at all. The exterior wall are all glued with no rivets or screws to work loose. Has two new spare tires and good tires on the trailer. Trailer is a 2007 model made in the 07 month. Has 2 weed eater racks inside that will hold 8 tools. When I bought this trailer I replaced another trailer the same size that i had to use the hitch helper springs with and after hooking up to this one i didn't need them for the tongue weight was alot less. My fuel mileage gave me 2 miles per gallon better mileage over the old one with the short tounge. This trailer is one of the best built trailers on the market bar none. If you are interested it is located in southeast Alabama and if you have any questions you can pm, text, or call me. 334.405.3776

    CHANS DRIUD X 12 28 2011 3213.jpg

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    BUMP,good looking trailer.
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    Nice. But you will need to put a price on it.
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    Thanks after I posted the add i seen that I forgot the price so here it is I am asking 8500 cost 12500 and has not been used in the last 2 years. I had a contract where I used 3 mowers and would use the trailer on those days which were 2 days every other week. The rest of the time I was using a 16 ft trailer. Trailer has been used for storage the last two years. If you are interested make me a offer and we will see if we can do business. I am open for trades also on a GM pickup or a 18ft+ bass boat let me know.

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