24 hp b&s on scag

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justartnout, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Just a heads up to those of you that may have bought one of the 06' models.I bought mine back in March and have put about 120 hrs on it. about 3 weeks ago it started burnin oil (about 1/2 a qt an hour). I called the dealer and he said bring it in as this was a common problem with the 24hp. Said they were replacing it with another B&S with an enhanced breather system.
    That was my only concern before purchasing this particular model. We had a dry summer here and I couldent keep a clean filter on it.. He said the new style filter would take care of it..I hope so!!!
    When I got there there was 3 B&S boxes with old engines in them that they had recently replaced.
    Hope this helps someone..If it hasent happened yet it prolly will...
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    I "endorsed" that these units would be a wise purchase based on my experiences with briggs engines. But I did so with no experiece with the type of shrouding and airbox that the 24hp Briggs has on it. That ELS shroud & box is different.

    The other type doesn't give any trouble like that. But as I said before, use the automotive style air cartridge with the foam pre-filter. Seals well and is easy to clean.

    It sounds to me like that particular shroud and airbox suffers from the "kawi-twin" syndrome. All of those kawis with stock airboxes do the same thing. The main issue being that they draw in dirty intake air, and the stock airboxes are not all that tight.

    Sounds like that 24 briggs isn't keeping the air going in clean and some failures are the result.

    One thing is for sure though. Briggs will take care of you instead of trying to make it your fault. If it were Kawasaki or Kohler, they would be trying to blame the problem on you.

    I still say these are a smart buy and would still buy one tomorrow if I were in the market for a 48".

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