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    Ok, this is a new one on me. I've got a 2400S on a new install (last one this year, I hope) that is acting stranger than any other I've ever seen before. When I pressured the main, it opened. That wouldn't be really unusual, except the bleed was tight and the solenoid and manual bleed collar were also snug. I opened the bleed collar thinking maybe some trash in the diaphram..........and the valve closed. It still drips (duh, with the bleed collar part open), I can't open the manual bleed collar enough to open the valve, but if I tighten it up the valve opens again. I can't think of any possible reason for this to work like this. If the exhaust tube was clogged, the valve wouldn't open. I took the bonnet off, checked the diaphram, bleed collar, solenoid.....everything I could think of looking for anything abnormal. I've got nothing but I'm hoping for some thoughts. Since it's a slip valve, I'm really hoping the body is OK. I didn't have a new valve with me to swap parts, and I can't get one until Monday. I'm putting a fork in this one tomorrow and if I can't figure it out, the tempation to winterize it and do the warranty work come spring looms on my horizon.
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    Shot in the dark...but did you happen to install the valve backwards?
  3. bicmudpuppy

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    99.9% sure I put it in right, but now that you ask and I'm not standing right there...........

    But I've never had a 2400 that was backward shut off before.
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    yeah, I don't know either. Maybe check that stainless exhaust tube. Might be messing with the solenoid plunger if it got pushed too far into the valve cover.
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    Can't help you with the other problem but I do have approximately 75% of new Irritrol valves fire when they are first pressurized and I have no idea why. We've adopted the habit of shutting down the flow control on them when we first turn the main line on to avoid this problem. If we forget then we usually have to throttle down the flow control handle until the valve turns off. Then we just reopen it and it's usually fine. On new systems where the valve's zone has not been installed yet we always leave it off until we are ready to blow the zone out.

    On rare occasions we have a tricky valve that won't shut down properly after it's either manually or automatically fired. We have to play with the flow control a couple of times and then it works fine from there. I do notice that the majority of these problems occur when the valve is fired from the controller/remote and there is a booster pump on the system. Don't know if the extra pressure from the booster pump has an initial affect or not.
  6. JeffY

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    I remember one instance we ran into a variation of this problem earlier this year. We use the 2400t. The valve was stuck open and so we changed solenoids and diaphram and still would not shut off. It was an install and I was getting pleny pissed about the valve. On a whim, I took the valve apart and took the diaphram out and took out the metal rod that lines the diaphram out. I replaced that with a new one, and put everything back together, lo and behold, the valve worked. Inspecting the rod, it was slightly bent. I think a lot of people forget to check those rods, thinking they're integrated with the body.

    Just a thought. Good luck!
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    Rainbird DVF's often fire for 2-3 seconds on the first time they are pressurized.

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