24D in Homeowners yard

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sda1416, May 22, 2006.

  1. sda1416

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    Number 1, I am not licensed, but do have lots of weeds and clover coming up in my overseeded yard. I have a friend who has pastures that told me to use 24D, and it should take care of them,,,,,,should i use 24D ? or some other herbicide ? and i don't want to kill my grass, except maybe the bermuda,,,,what should i do ?
  2. Mscotrid

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    Find yourself some of the 3way combo 2-4-d, mcpp, dicamba or any of the hybrid herbicides out there. 2-4-d by itself is not the best choice.
  3. sda1416

    sda1416 LawnSite Member
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    where is the best place a homeowner can purchase this sort of 3-way combo,,,,,feed and seed store maybe ?
  4. lawnservice

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    any home garden center will carry this

    read the label

    follow label instructions including proper clothing

    and watch your weeds die
  5. hmartin

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    If you have any grassy weeds (not broadleafs) 2-4d is not going to help. If grassy weeds like crabgrass are in you lawn, look into MSMA from a farm supply store.

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