24hp Briggs ESL seems like HIGH compression

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jase4tiff, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. jase4tiff

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    I have a 24hp Briggs ESL that seems like high compression. If i hit the starter it seems like a weak battery but pull the plugs and it turns fine. I have read some post on this same issue so i checked and rest the valves to .004 and .007 and still isnt getting it. How hard should this engine be to turn over by hand? i know thats a crazy question but i can turn it by hand but of course its a little bit tough. The engine is off the mower so i know its not safteys or anything like that. I hope that i dont have to drop the pan and check the cam to make sure everything there is ok and that mabie i just didnt adjust the valves correct i adjusted them 1/4 past tdc. If any of you guys could help id appriciate it! Thanks
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    I am thinking your engine will be hard to crank so long it isn't on the mower,
    due to the fact there is no flywheel in place, this is perfectly normal.

    I hate to say it but you should install it before testing :p

    If it's brand new, soon as you put gas and oil in it you done voided the
    instant return warranty anyhow, so go on and put it on that machine I say.
  4. jase4tiff

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    I agree that it needs to be bolted down this engine is not the origional engine i was going to try and replace it with this Briggs 24esl engine i had a Kaw 23 hp with the common top bushing bad that i am repairing and was going to set this engine up on the mower for the time being the mower is a John Deere 657 quick trac. The numbers off the briggs engine is 24 ESL 725 and family number is YESX57242VF275363. Thanks for your help. I will work on mounting the engine for proper testing this is a used Briggs engine that came off a cub cadet.
  5. Restrorob

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    OK, The numbers you posted are not the ones I was looking for, The model type and code numbers are stamped in the top of one of the valve covers.

    But, I really don't need them now.

    I believe your problem is the valve adjustment. Rotate each piston to TDC compression stroke and adjust the valves at that position to .005 both intake and exhaust.

    That's right, These V-twins are adjusted at TDC.....

    Good Luck
  6. pugs

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    Why would the flywheel not be in place? You dont need the engine to be mounted to anything for the starter to spin it.
  7. jase4tiff

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    Yea i didnt get that one either but for now i did bolt it down and i adjusted the valves to .004 and i took one plug out and hit the starter. When it hits compression it stops i do belive that valves can be an issue but i have them close and this engine should at least give me a full revolution atleast. So it makes me think that its the cam or the compression release system. If i pull the pan can someone tell me what the compression release system looks like on this engine or what it supposed to look like? Does it have a arm that swings out or is it a lobe on the cam or what. Thanks guys for your help!
  8. jkilov

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    Is the compression release working ?
  9. jase4tiff

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    I am not really sure if its working i have watched both valves and cant really see a "bump" where it releases the compression unless its so small of a bump i am missing it..>??
  10. Restrorob

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    The release if working properly will show a distinct movement in the intake rocker arm. As the piston travels up the cylinder you will see the rocker arm moving up (toward you), The rocker will stop for a second then should move back down (away from you) enough to be easily seen then travel back up toward you.

    The compression release is a spring loaded arm mounted on the cam gear.

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