25 HP Kawasaki leaking oil - everywhere! Update.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by icwhite, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. icwhite

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    25 HP (FH721V-BS07). Kawasaki leaking oil - everywhere! Original posted on 11-3-07. It is on a Wright Sentar, it has 250 hrs on it and it started leaking oil while it is running.

    Finally got time to look at it and found the top bearing and seal leaking. Pulled the motor and dis-assembled it and found the top bearing/bushing bad. The crank shaft looked OK, Pulled the bearing/bushing and found out I can not order one from Kawasaki this is not a part I can order - have to order the top housing which comes with the new bearing installed. This is pretty expensive $330 plus freight.

    Any ideas , would it be cost affective to try to get one made at a machine shop, I have not check yet not even sure it could be done, what kind of material are they made from etc.

    The engine still runs and starts good, it was smoking some before I tore into it. I was wondering about the smoke - could this be signs of more problems to come. I checked on a new engine around $1700 plus freight. I would like to try to fix the engine if it is possible. Would you put new rings in it ?, I did not see/feel any wear in the cylinder walls. Any ideas or inputs would be appreciated.

  2. Skyking

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    Did you try Parts tree.com????
  3. icwhite

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    I did not see the bearing there, they do offer the top end and they do have a better price - good site(I added it to my favorites). Thanks

    I just got back from the machine shop and he is willing to make one for about $20 but is needing to know what type of material it is and he ask me what the clearance is between the bearing and shaft is ? I don't have a clue ! He also ask can it be made out of brass? He said sometimes they are brass lined-I did not see any brass inside. The one I took out looks like hard steel.
  4. johnp900

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    What's the purchase date?
  5. icwhite

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    Sorry Johnp900 I don't understand the question. I don't know what a purchase date is.

    I took it to the machine shop and took the lower end housing, he said he could look at it and get the clearance from that end since the lower end is not damaged. He is going to check the hardness of the old bearing and use a similar metal to make the new bearing out of.
  6. AmsoilPower

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    The purchase date would determine your warranty period. You should have 2 years I believe for commercial warranty. If it is less than 2 years old take it to a Kawasaki service center for warranty repair.
  7. icwhite

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    The engine goes on a 2002 model Wright Sentar , I have owned the mower for 18 months now. I purchased it used - No warranty. I have not used it very much I have put about 10 hours total on it since I have owned it, this was the 2nd season.
  8. sawman65

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    man those old kawajunkies were bad for shelling out that top bearing.thats one of the reasons dixie chopper stoped using them. the only thing you can do is order the half case.i have seen people try and have the bearing made with bad succes rates.thing about it is once you pull that engine down you better get the whole gasket kit.and that has to be orderd piece by piece pain in the but for sure.if you dont leaks will start in the lower end. bottom seal and the governer shaft are bad to leak also.there were many updates on this problem. when i did get kaw to warranty they just replaced the engine they offer no short block and advised not doing the half case replacement. if your wallett can stand it go get a new kohler or kaw. and just replace the thing the new kaw's have the problems worked out when they came out with the KAI engine a few years back

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