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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T A, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. T A

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    Hi guys,new member here,would like to say this is a great forum.My question is im looking at a new ZTR,narrowed down to DC and Toro Z Master,anyway i've seen some reviews bashing the 25 Kohler and since that is the machine Toro was giving me the best deal on i was wondering if the problem has been fixed.Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Eric ELM

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    From what I have heard, the problem is supposed to be fixed, but I think I will go with the Honda 24hp engine on my next one. ;)
  3. T A

    T A LawnSite Member
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    Is the Honda option pricey?
  4. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
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    I just talked to a owner of a Honda on a DC, it is the same price as the Kohler 25. :)
  5. mdb landscaping

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    TA, i got a 60 inch lazer with the 25 kohler this spring. so far it has been a great machine and motor. i asked my dealer the same question you asked and he said they fixed all the problems like the bad head gaskets, and he hasnt seen many problems with the motor since then.
  6. Albemarle Lawn

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    I have 2 of these motors, on Gravely 260Z machines.

    I have about 2000 hours between the two (a 1999 and a 2000).

    What is the problem with these motors? Mine always run great. I occasionally get a lot of chatter when cold, that sounds like valve lifters on an Oldsmobile 350. Switched to synthetic Mobil 1 15w-50 oil and now the motor no longer chatters.

  7. MOW ED

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    Most of the problems with these motors were in the 97 to 98 series. I think they were mostly built on friday afternoons.
    I myself had one and if you do a search you will find my experiences along with that of others.
    Kohler "supposedly" made fixes to this motor and I wish you luck with yours.
    I myself switched to a 26EFI and if you go with this motor you will see the difference in power along with fuel economy. I got a raw deal out of Kohler on that 25 but life goes on. Good Luck.
  8. Avery

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    While on the subject of the Toro Z...My dealer called me today and said he was getting in a large shipment of last years model 62" Z Masters. $6000.00 still in the crate. Don't really need another one right now but that is hard to pass on. Back to your original question, we have a couple of Z's with the 25hp and love them.

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