25 HP Kohler

Bob H

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What are the sounds and indications of the head gasket failure on the 25 HP Kohler,other then lose of some power?????


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N.E. Wisconsin
The sound is me sayin oh **** here we go again. The 25 that I used to own had head gasket,rings, ignition coils and an intake manifold gasket go to hell in 2 years or 610 hours. Signs and symptoms are different from smoke to loss of power to backfiring like a 12 gauge automatic to run good until hot. You should know what it runs like when it runs good it it changes you have a problem and hope for your wallet its under warranty. <br>From a happy new 26efi owner. Good Luck


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I bought a new Dixie Chopper this spring (thanks to Eric) and have had head gaskets go out twice so far. My dealer said my engine has &quot;studs and nuts&quot; instead of head bolts. This last time the mechanic pulled out the studs and replaced them with head bolts, and he said that should end the head gasket problem.<p>My trouble came first with about 25 hours on the engine, and the second time with 100 hours. Oil consumption and smoking are your tell-tale signs, along with a lack of power.<br>


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Sounds to me like kohler needs a boycot. They obviously know they are making junk.Hit em in the wallet and they will take it seriously.<br>I wonder if they read forums like this? It's like free field testing with feedback.Why do you think there are so many Honda's and Toyotas on the road? Same reason why we wont buy Briggs anymore. Kohler's may be next.<br>----------<br>Yesteryear L/S<br>Hollywood Fla<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Bobby

Jeff in AL

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as stated, using oil, loss of power and also might hear a squeak, like an exhaust leak. <br>One more thing is to look at both head gaskets and look for oil pooling or running down the cooling fins, it there is oil or a &quot;burned&quot; looking area that is where it is leaking from.

John DiMartino

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Mine used about 1 quart of oil in 2 hrs when it went.In addition to no power,I noticed that as soon as you shut down,pull the oil dipstick out and the oil will be steaming from the hot combustion gases if you have a blown gasket.I would love to boycott Kohler,I made a mistake buying there engine,I shouldve known better and Im paying for it.I hope one day the Americans can make the engines as good as the Japs.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

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