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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by khouse, Jul 11, 2001.

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    After getting my mower back from 3 weeks of warranty work, it still isn't fixed. They had to replace the head gaskets and carberator. It also had (has) noisy lifters. After running it 10 minutes these lifters are really loud. It will stay that way all day. The only way I can get it to stop is to idle the engine for about 10 minutes. This engine has 107 hours on it. When I got the mower back it still had the noisy lifters. I called my dealer and he said that they called Kohler about the lifters. Kohler told them that the noises were normal and there is no fix. They said under some conditions they may be noisy for 30 minutes. Well mine is constant for hours. I told my dealer that I would try running synthetic oil to see if that would help. He said if Kohler checks the oil they will void the warranty. My dealer admits that Kohler has made a not to par engine. He wants a Kohler rep to check it out this fall. How many users of 25 Kohlers has noisy lifters? I just want to make a case when I call Kohler and start griping to them.
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    What year is your motor. I have a 1999 and swithed over to synthetic oil at around 60 hrs. Never had any noisey lifters, before or after the oil type change. I have also moved the filter off of the motor and onto a remote base. No problems. The motor is a kohler horizantal 25. Also, I checked with Kohler about using synthetic oil and they said as long as the motor has 50hrs, synthetic was ok (you must still keep the oil weight and change interval as per the mfg requierments). Rich.
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    The engine is a 1999 model also, and is a vertical crank. Kohler admits these engines have noisy lifters.
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    Using synthetic oil will not void your warranty, in many instances there has been good reports back of using synthetic oil in the cv twins to eliminate noise. When the lifters are noisey it is because there is air in them. If the oil is at all over full the oil can get in to the crankshaft while rotating and cause the oil to foam. Synthetic oil has a better antifoaming qualities than most all petroleum based oils. By the way, could you e-mail me back privately who the dealer is that is working on this for you. Thanks
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    I have tried running the oil level at the low mark and it still ticks.
    My dealer says that Kohler told them that they fixed an oil galley problem a few monthes ago and the new engines work fine. What about all of us that have problems with lifters? Not to mention all the problems we'll have to pay for once these engines are out of warranty!

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