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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Illini_Fan, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Illini_Fan

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    I am a OPE dealer and I am getting into the lawn care business and I am going to market my company with this slogan "We mow for less". Anything under 20,000 square feet would be $25 for mowing, trimming, edging, and clean up. $35 up to 35,000 and that should cover most yards.

    Currently, we have three locations, between Chicago and Orlando. Our plan is to go nationwide, possibly by franchising. We think we can revolutionize the whole industry with our new company and provide less expensive lawn care to your customers. What do you guys think?

    Nah, just kiddin'! But, you might want to think about it, before you ask for all the discounts you think you deserve. I can't speak for all dealers, but, I promise you that I could put a serious dent in the LCO's profit around here if I wanted to. Wouldn't make much sense if I want their business, now would it? I think most dealers will "take care of you" in their own way. Assuming you truly are the model customer. On the other hand, if I could make a decent living and not have the overhead associated with having a storefront, I may need to rethink things.

    Food for thought. If, you are running a successful lawn business, you won't need to beat down the OPE dealer and you shouldn't.
  2. lawns Etc

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    Yeah dont beat the dealer down who charges you $37 for a Bobcat throttle cable that you can get at Mowpart or other sponsor sites for under $10 he has to eat too I guess hes eatin lobster while Im at Mcdonalds trying to feed my family off the dollar menu
  3. 2G&D

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    The $37 vs. $10 thing may be a point on that one item...but that misses his point and I think Illini has made a very well stated one. In most cases a dealer will be slightly higher and in all cases a better price can be found....but the point is not so much about dollars as it is relationship.....all the time we are saying that for the sake of the industry we will charge what the "market can bare " and that lowballers are illigitimate %$&^%$.......so why then would we patronize the lowballers on the otherside of the business....we are all in this together...neither can exist without the other....I will patronize my dealer everytime it is within reason, even if it is a bit more...for the sake of the industry and a mutually beneficial relationship.....his success helps insure mine.
  4. jcantrell

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    If a dealer wants to compete with me I discontinue using them for service/purchases etc.
  5. stumpslawncare

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    Great Point and food for thought
  6. carcrz

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    You had me all PO'd for a second there. I wuld definitely not use a dealer that decided to go out & do the same thing I am doing.
  7. Illini_Fan

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    You guys get it and jcantrell is almost getting it. Lawns Etc. is way out there playing defense, probably needs to reread and think about what I said. I should probably change "model customer" to loyal customer. I realize the need to control your overhead and all, but, WE ALL must make a living. You can drive around or whatever and try to beat down dealers, in the end, is it really worth it? Early on, I used to do some of these things and then one day I needed a local appliance dealer to service my Big Box purchase that I saved $100 on and he smiled and was very friendly and then wham!!, he gave me the service ticket and it was for around $30 or $35 for the repair and the service call(about 1 hour). I paid him and he said "Have a good day" and not one word about where I bought the washing machine. Where do you think I will buy the next one?
  8. Illini_Fan

    Illini_Fan LawnSite Member
    from IL
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    My dad lives just north of you in Cameron and we may open up a branch there. I believe you got the message. Have a good one.
  9. Illini_Fan

    Illini_Fan LawnSite Member
    from IL
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    What was the shipping charge for the online purchase and did the dealer have one in stock? If not, that is his downfall here. How long to get the online order? Time is money, you know. That is what you guys keep saying.

    You could get steaks and cook them yourself for the money you spent at Mac' Place.
  10. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Hey Illini_Fan, u sound a bit like an arrogant sob to me. Business is business. Sometimes I lose a customer to a lower price, but I dont cry about it, people do that. If I can get a better deal somewhere else, guess where Im going. I dont need a dealer that thinks he has me by the balls, I stock my own parts and have my own quailified mechanic. Have a nice day :walking:

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