25" YBravo or Honda/Toro 21"


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galveston, texas
I thought I had my mind made up to buy the Bravo 25" ($1499). I didn't plan on buying a larger deck wb until later down the road. (95% of the yards I'll be doing are 5000 sq ft or less). I figured starting off with the 25" would cut mow times by 20% (from 21") and would basically be able to do what I'd need from either a 21" or 36". I am just having a hard time justifying the $1500 price tag (I can buy 3-4 Toro or Hondas for that). Especially if I end up bringing a 36" in later. Would I be better buying a 21" Honda and a 36" wb & cutting the Bravo25 ? I'd also like to know any pros/cons of enclosed vs. open trailers (aside from the obvious). I'm leaning toward enclosed primarily for the security/weather & advertsing aspects. The biggest drawback I see is being more time invasive. Thank you in advance for any helpful information.

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