25 Yr old Dwarf Japanese Maples

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jbt79, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. jbt79

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    My uncle has about 10-12 25 yr old Dwarf Japanese Maples he wants to remove and sell. Anyone know about what these trees are worth? I know the Dwarfs are worth a good bit more than the regular ones. Also, when is the best time of year to transplant them. Trees were planted when the house was built 17 yrs ago and were 7 -8 yrs old. He says they were very expensive then. Any help determining the value of these would be very much appreciated. Also if any of you are interested, or have a customer that may be send me a pm. I'm west of Atlanta, GA

    All are about the same size: 5-6 ft tall, 6-8 ft spread, 4-5 in trunk Caliper
    The ones along the walkway are 4ft tall, 4 ft spread 3-4 in caliper

    Japanese Maples 010.jpg

    Japanese Maples 012.jpg

    Japanese Maples 001.jpg

    Japanese Maples 002.jpg

    Japanese Maples 003.jpg
  2. jbt79

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    Here are a few more pics

    Japanese Maples 004.jpg

    Japanese Maples 005.jpg

    Japanese Maples 006.jpg

    Japanese Maples 007.jpg

    Japanese Maples 008.jpg
  3. jbt79

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    Heres the last few pics

    Japanese Maples 009.jpg

    Japanese Maples 011.jpg
  4. OSU 09

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    As far as pricing goes, i have seen them priced anywhere from $50 to $500. i would check with local nurseries and suppliers to see what they are selling them for. Yours would sell for less since they are "used". (used trees, who knew? lol) Best time to transplant them is when they are dormant. Dig a large root ball then move them balled and burlapped.
  5. P.Services

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    not even worth messing with, im sure he thinks hes sitting on his retirement fund but any of those can be bought for 300 or less from a nursery. So after you pay to dig them and by supplies to ball and bag them and replace them when they die you might make 50 bucks a tree if that.
  6. P.Services

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    now find me one 15' tall with a 10" trunk and i will give you 10 grand for it.
  7. jbt79

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    Thanks guys for the input. Yeah, thats alot less than we thought. These are the dwarf variety, and are supposed to be rare. P. Services, yeah a 15' tall one would be nice looking, but this variety will never reach that size. These dwarfs are more like a large bonsai. Seen these particular ones used in Japanese gardens before. One hotel here in Atlanta has a couple exactly like these that they paid $10,000 for. These dwarfs are rare, and not the typical Japanese Maples you see, that can get 15 or so feet tall, and are worth a good bit more. Cant find any this age at any nursery to compare them to. Little small ones and grafts are running a few hundred. If anyone else has any input of suggestions, I would appreciate it very much.
  8. starry night

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    I don't see how you think they are "rare" unless there is something about them you are not mentioning other than that they are dwarf. If they are merely
    Acer Palmatum Dissectum, then they are fairly common. Still worth some bucks but probably not as much as you are thinking. My immediate thought looking at the photos was that it was too bad someone has not been training them with pruning. They can be much more artistic than just mounds of leaves as these are.
  9. White Gardens

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    You'd be tearing up the landscaping pretty badly too just to get those suckers out with a good root ball.

    A tree spade on a skid would be the best bet, and there goes any profit.
  10. bradseabridge

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    I have a customer with one twice that size and actually trimmed to look very good. They got offered $5k for it from someone about a year ago. But this thing is very large and in very good shape, I take care if it very well to keep is looking good.

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