250 hours on a CASE TR320

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Aug 26, 2012.

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    I know the Case dealer had problems and have heard from the NH side, E/H is not going over at all. I have been 'recommended' not to go with E/H but haven't had time or ability to 'disprove' the myth.

    I'm not going to argue or try to say that E/H is 'better' than pilots but understand (and think they are the future) why the OEM's are going this route.

    As for the electronic's, I have a little more open mind with it. A lot of the stuff that I love on the new skids are so much more productive because of the technology.
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    E/H has not been painless for any OEM that has made the switch. BC first, then CAT and Deere. All have had some gremlins to fight, CASE being the latest is no exception. This is likely because I believe they all source the same component OEM (at least I know CASE and CAT do). However I think, the big issues seem to be over although CAT seems to still be fighting the shuttering issue. I can say that mine runs excellent. I would think if there was an inherent issue with the CASE EH system it would have surfaced by now.
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    Glad to hear that. Hope it keeps working good for you. :drinkup:
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    Excellent review , thanks!
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    Have you looked into using a stock door frame and getting a lexan company to mold a new door? There is one in ohio that can do it. Might be half the cost of a new one. When I had my G and K series Bobcats, Bobcat stopped making the lexan to replace glass. Their demo door was like 1k+. I got the same lexan they used to sell for $500 shipped. I imagine the new 1/2 would be thicker. I don't think we need 3/4" which is what some of the OEM's are selling but that's been my experience.
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    I would be interested in that. I got a lexan door for my 465 and it was like 2K. Came with a ton of parts I didnt need but paid for. I will bet the door for the 320 is the same way. If you happen to know the name of the company let me know.
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    Around $2600 for a complete demo door.

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