250 Liquid Fert Tank - Pump Needed! Any help??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SLC LLC, Apr 11, 2008.

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    We have recently gotten into the fertilizing side of the business, and filled the tanks tonight for the first time. To answer any questions before I continue, we are licensed and insured. Well, we began to get the liquid out of the tank and put it into our truck tanks. This was done with a HAND PUMP! Talk about taking forever - whew!
    I know that there is a pump available that will suck the fertilizer out of the tank and into the tank on the truck, possibly even one with a digital readout. Does anyone know where I can find a pump that will do this, or have a picture or explanation of how you do it? It takes way to long doing that with a hand pump, and we are running a 1/2 rate of nitrgoen this round. I can only imagine what will happen when we have to do a 3/4 rate or 1 lb. rate.
    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions that you may have.
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    Little late for this now but. . .

    Have you considered gravity tanks? Set tank above the height of the truck tanks and gravity will do the rest.

    Surflo and Flojet produce small 12 v and 110 v electric pumps but they will only move about a gallon or 2 per minute. I have seen small 2 to 3 hp pump engine combinations that will move 5 to 7 gpm. I think Honda builds one
  3. heather lawn sp

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    Flojet agriculturial 4300 Quad pump 12V or 24V can put out 5 gpm
    Honda WMP20 can put out 220 gpm
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    Would something like either one of these work?

    Pump 1.gif

    Pump 2.gif
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    What is the ratio of Liquid Fert to Finish gallons of Spray????? I know some Golf Courses that apply Liquid fert with no water added.

    Knowing how many gallons you need to pump would help determine the size pump you need. I use bagged Fert and I mix bulk fert cocktails in a ground tank. I pump it on board with a 220V swimming pool pump @ 25 gallons a minute.
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    you need a flow meter to read, any pump should work, check an agriculture supply for the flow meter
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    1 water tank , 1 fert tank,1 cone shaped 50 gallon tank on raised factory metal stand .they make small tanks that are mark in gallon increments .plumb it so you can draw out of all three tanks .put valve on each tank,quick couplers are nice .As far as pumps go ,the best places to check are the people who handle liquid fert or ag coop . direct drive honda with a quality rebuildable pump that will handle weight per gallon (density) and periodically running dry.Many ag and and coops deal with a lot of mini bulk set -ups .most of those cheap tranfer pumps sold at farm and home store just do not fit the bill.If thing are going to take off in the usage of liquid fert,time is money a fiddling around all day filling tanks is a pain in the wallet .small honda direct drive on skid with q- couplers can be uncoupled and taken with ,if needed.I dont know your exact needs or budget .

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