257 on Her Side! (No Pics)

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtyWorks, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. DirtyWorks

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    :hammerhead: Hi guys. registered a few days ago and been reading and learning alot for the past two months. Wish I had abetter 1st post but - here goes- Was obviously not being a "good" operator today and laid my Cat 257 over on her side. NOBODY HURT! well i hope nobody, I tried 1st to kill machine but it would not turn off. it choked itself to a smoky halt after about 15 long seconds. I ran to the dozer ( a jd 450c) and straightened her up after she had been on side for about 12-15 minutes. I waited about three hours and toped off the oil(about 1/2 gallon) and tried to start. She just tried to turn but the engine never turned kinda like something stuck. What should I do? Never had this happen in my life and need help so i can go finish job tomorrow hopefully!
  2. tallrick

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    Glad no one was hurt! How did you manage to tip it over? On it's side? Obviously the symptoms are typical, you couldn't shut off the fuel flow so the engine just kept running on it's side. If it won't turn over it's probably some type of hydraulic lock in the engine. Piston could have diesel or who knows what in it. I have had to pull injectors or glow plugs on some engines to try and turn them over. Hopefully no mechanical damage was done
  3. mastercraft

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    If it ran for that long on it's side, theres a good chance that the engine is toast due to a lack of lubrication. Most diesels are not designed to run at that much of an angle. Definately a bad day. Good luck, maybe it will start!
  4. DirtyWorks

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    I was using the grapple root rake and had a large load of brush held too high ( so I could see) and right track dipped into old stump hole that i coverered over but did not pack. Guess you could say an unfortunate series of enents all leading to me crawling out with a what happened look on my face!

    How difficult is it to pull injectors? any special steps to take or just pull all and put them all back after I spin engine over? thx
  5. turboawd

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    i would guess it would be easier to pull the glow plugs out. then crank it till nothing much squirts out of the glow plug holes.
  6. Scag48

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    Oh man, that's no fun. Hope you get the issue resolved.
  7. mverick

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    I'm suprised it wouldn't start.

    I've rolled a lot of older bobcats. High loads over short tall hills and onto the face. Pins you against the handles and a pain to shut off. Same load at an angle and onto it's side. It was a bad place. They got turned over regularly. You had to carry load high and had to go through the door that way. Or you couldn't get out. They always started right up. We also had to go into holes to dig scrap from a steel mill out. Had to wait for crane. But, if you just drove it in a lot of times it was OK. If it fell on it's face use the bucket to right it. If it fell on it's side you waited for crane anyway. Usually it was a crane in and had to be craned out. You cleaned out the ramp that you drove in on.

    I agree about pulling the glows and see what comes out. If you were missing 1/2 gal of oil it went somewhere.

    I just put my takeuchi excavator on it's side. I was over the top of a trench and it gave way. So, I lifted it with my bobcat and all was well. trench was only 16in. But 8 feet deep.

    I wouldn't start cranking it till I pulled the glows or injectors though. You can easily bend a rod like that.
  8. tallrick

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    Also depending on the engine after pulling the glow plugs put a socket on the crank pulley bolt and use a breaker bar or ratchet to move CW and CCW back and forth first. This way you can feel if the crank or rod bearings are spun, or if the cylinder walls are scuffed. I have seen a lot of skid loaders tip over, and none of them had serious engine damage. But tipping on the side is worse than towards the front, the forward tip often causes the fuel to flow away from the line pickup, and the engine shuts off on its own.

    I feel bad about your mistake, who ever knew that soft ground could be that unstable under those tracks. Then again, I never like to move a machine with the bucket loaded and up, I have seen machines tip even while moving on level ground and running over a rock or branch. Those were wheeled though.
  9. CarterKraft

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    the crankcase vent on the 3024 engine will fill the intake with oil when inverted so you have cylinders and a turbo/intake full of oil.

    Unfortunantly you tried to start it after it was righted and you could have bent your connecting rods. I would get a roll off truck to haul it to your dealer, have them clean the cylinders and intake, then run a compression test to verify the integrity of the engine.

    Even if the rods are bent it's not really a big deal, just have to replace them.
  10. DirtyWorks

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    Hey Guys, An update, I pulled the glow plugs, and took the fuel rail off to pull the injectors but they would not come free easily. I then spun the engine over and oil shot out the glow plug holes. I replaced all the stuff I took off and it started right up!(a LOT of smoke) but overall no problems! Thank you to all for there knowledge and understanding!

    Just one small problem now, I think I have an air leak cause when I shut her down for more than 10 minutes, it is taking a long time to start, like there is air in the lines, I guess I should retighten everthing before I worry though!

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