25hp kawi on Super Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScCo, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. ScCo

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    Can someone tell me what my max rpms should be set at on my 25hp kawi on my super z?

    It has lost some rpms which is quite obvious by sound and especially in performance, but I can't seem to find anything that tells me where to set the max rpms. I've found everything from 3830 rpms to 4000 rpms without a load, but wanted to see what you all could give me for input.

    And just to make sure I don't do anything too dumb, the rpms are adjust by moving the plate that the throttle cable attaches to aren't they?

    And last question, is there any simple adjustment on the governor to help with the bogging down in heavier grass?

    Thanks for the input,

  2. if its the 25 horizonal kawi ..the one i have on my toro came from the factory at 3830 without the blades spinning under no load ..about 3750 with em spinning.
  3. captken

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    to adjust the rpms.

    I set mine at 3750....no load, on my 23hp kawasaki on a Hustler Z.

    There are 2 10mm [that is the socket size] bolts on the throttle plate.

    Move the throttle plate to adjust the rpms.

    I performed this myself first and experience throttle cable bind, then talked a friend of mine, who is a trained mechanic, into redo this for me.

    Linkage is smooth now.

    I don't remember if the plate needs to move up or down to increase the speed...sorry.

    I can tell you that it makes a profound difference in the performance of the machine. Really woke it up....

    I bet Hustler sends them to the dealer underspeeded....

    odin, they use a vertical shaft engine..
  4. sorry i didnt read the thread right dang glasses off again lol .

    What capt ken said about adjusting ...and yes you have to move the plate some.
  5. ScCo

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    thanks for the input guys. I'll go for 3750 and see how much better that makes the machine. Just guessing by the sound of the machine today, I'd be surprised if it is turning 3000 rpm without a load....it sounds way off.

    hopefully it will be back to normal, or possibly even better than ever here soon.


  6. Goodguy001

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    The control panel assembly is moved up for increased RPM's
  7. ScCo

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    wow, completely different machine. I swear someone must have brought me a different machine.
  8. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    can you all give me more details on how to increase the RPMs...

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