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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Poot, May 5, 2007.

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    Does anyone know if Kohler had a recall on their 25HP engines in the not too far past? In 01 I bought a Scotts 25/54 and in it's second summer a lifter starting "clicking" as in not holding it's pressure. Unknown to me, Kohler covered the motor for two full years but not knowing I bought all four lifters new and replaced them. Worked great for that summer then the third it started this again. I've kept it well serviced and from memory it has less than 150 hours of use. It's main use is for cutting things in at my own home and is not used commercially. We have 2.5 acres so I mainly use a 1020 JD with a 6' finishing mower for the main cutting. I was told Kohler had a problem with the cam in this motor being too soft, wearing down, causing one lifter to act this way. Kohler denied this but DID send me a free crankcase breather kit. The tech said this would resolve my issue.....and he thought I believed him. I asked how a breather kit would stop a lifter from losing pressure and he hung up. Does anyone know of a Kohler recall on this OR someone with this problem? Lifters aren't that expensive but replacing them to have the same problem again tells me somethings not quiet right. And I do use Havoline oil and Kohler filters, not some off brand junk. Thanks in advance!!!
    Poot :cool2:
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    This is a link to a thread that discusses your problem, maybe this will help your problem also. I had the same problem and switched to Mobile 1 synthetic oil. This oil change has stopped the problem on my engine, someone explained it that synthetic oil doesn't foam like regular oil does so you don't have as much problem with the lifter loosing oil pressure.

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    I started my LCO in '99 with a Scott's 25/54. How I wish I could get that mower back just for "sentimental" sake. :cry:

    The shop which does all my "out of warranty" work replaced the same lifters on my 25 Kohler as well. They told me it was a very common problem with the Kohlers back then. It was a cheap repair bill (less than $100) but became one of the several reasons I now buy nothing but Kawasaki. :)
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    Thanks fly for the link. I'll try the syn oil and see what happens. Normally it's just irritating to listen to at length but sometimes it's seems to lose a little power as well. And too it's irritating to know I've spent the money and done the work to end up with the same results as I started with.
    Poot :hammerhead:
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    This may or may not be germane, but Kohler does specify 10W-30 oil because of their hydraulic lifters. (vs single weight)
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    Evening lawn. Yeah while it isn't a big deal it is aggrivating. It isn't much work to replace the lifters but to spend my money and time doing it myself (not realizing Kohler still covered it under warranty) then have it start up again early the next season REALLY ticked me off. Originally and after maybe 35 hours, I replaced all four lifters because I figured if one was bad it was possible they ran a bad batch so I replaced them all to be done with it. There was only one that was bad as I could easily push the plunger down while the other three wouldn't. After all that, within a few weeks of:cool2: the next season here I go across the yard with this tick-a tick-a tick-a crap again! Sometimes it sounds like a light MG firing off some rounds. Doubt it's that loud but sometimes it seems so sitting behind it. Sounds like us-in's with the 25 hp Kohler bought a flawed design. Trival...maybe...yet still a flaw but that's the American way. What the heck, the big three have done it for years so I'll suck it up and run it until. It's a great mower and other then the one lifter tickin it's a great motor and a grass eatin hog!!! And thanks 4 the reply.
    Poot :cool2:

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