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    A while back I was looking for more info on 26" mowers and came across yours. The dealer hear has never even seen one and had no interest in getting one in for me to look at. What can you tell me about the 26". Do you still make it? what engine does it have? and how can I see one in person and maybe demo one.?
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    Good Morning!

    Yes we still manufacturer this mower! This High-Wheel Mower comes w/ a 8.5hp B & S Engine! It is great mower for the cost because it has been engineered to be very durable with its 10 gauge, heavy duty deck. This self propelled mower also corners great w/ its 20" steel spoke rear wheels.

    If you would like to talk to our Distributor for Nebraska.....give Midwest Turf & Irrigation a call at 800-473-0501....Ask for someone in sales ......If you would like, I can also have them call you. Just let me know!

  3. PaulJ

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    I'll call them if I get ready to buy something. Around here it's impossible to get a demo on anything unless you already have the checkbook out.

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