26 EFI or 27 liquid cooled on 72 lazer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JEFF ZALMANOFF, Sep 13, 2002.


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    what engine is best for a lazer with a 72 inch deck koh 26 efi or 27 kawi water cooled . i wanted to know if anyone has a 72 inch lazer with 26 efi and if they like it . thanks jeff
  2. zmowing

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    I have a 72" with EFI. I feel it's short on horse power, but works well when the grass isn't too heavy. I also have a 27HP Liquid Kaw on a 60" Lazer. All sorts of power, never short but that's not a true comparison because of the smaller deck. The Kaw has given me absolutely no troubles, but the EFI acts like it wants to sputter unless I allow an EXCESSIVE warm-up time at idle. Definitely can't run full throttle when you first start to mow and has leaked oil since day one, even after two supposed repairs.

    Just so everyone knows, I'm NOT zmowing, that's my brother. Somehow when they reformatted, I was given his identity. I'll register correctly later....Daddio.:blob1:
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    I have the 27hp LC Kawi 60". Its a nice combo, but I really doubt its going to be quite the performer it is on a 60" when mated to a 72" deck. The 72" deck just takes a lot more horsepower to plow through thick grass.

    I also feel that the 27hp Daihatsu Diesel is a little UNDERpowered in a 72" deck. For 72" of deck to be properly "POWERED" I feel that you need 50+ ft/lbs of torque.

    If you can, hang tight. Many new POWERFULL engines are on the horizon! The 2003's are right around the corner!
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    i have a 2001 toro z master efi 72" 26 hp. I love it, sometimes you gotta double cut some things but you keep your lawns on a 1wk schedule you will be fine.
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    Any idea what the new engines will be? I planned on buying a 26efi Kohler on a 60'' deck but decided to wait for info on the 2003 line up. I asked about the new engines on the Exmark forum a while back but this is evidently a SECRET. I guess from Exmark's view point it is better to wait until November to release the data, but it would be nice to know now so I can make my choice. Anyway I hope they offer the 29 dfi liquid cooled Kawasaki, I also hoped for the Aegis liquid cooled line. I have heard from a reliable source they will have a new 28 hp Kohler air cooled engine but not a liquid cooled one, quess that eliminates the Aegis line?
  6. TLS

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    The New Kohler EFI's are on the Kohler site. They are all the same specs internally as the 26 EFI. Don't know what they use to gain power.

    That 29HP LC DFI Kawi would be real sweet, and might convince me to "retire" my 27 a year earlier than normal.

    With EFI/DFI, I feel the LC small engine market is just being tapped. Diesel power is nice, but the weight required by the cast iron block is just too much for todays already "heavy" mowers.

    We should soon find out whats new for '03 as the release date is quickly approaching!
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    what is the release date?
  8. For a 72" deck you need diesel power.

    Some of the weight gain Tom referred to also comes from being liquid cooled, bigger pumps to handle the torque, stiffer frames etc.
    So it weighs more. You have more mower!

    If you're used to running gas, and test a diesel it'll seem underpowered. Because you're listening for that govenor to open up, and the engine start to roar and get the work done!

    Well, that just don't happen on a diesel. It just quietly gets more work done with about 20% less horsepower. Because diesel is all about Torque!

    I have a friend who has a shop selling Grasshoppers. He stocked a 72" gas (Kubota engine). It's sat there all summer. Yet he says he can't keep the diesel mowers in stock!


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