26 HP Briggs Professional Series.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by intrigue12, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. intrigue12

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    What do you guys think of the 26 HP Briggs and Stratton Profressional Series? It is on a mower I was looking at. Here is what SCAG says about it. Let me know good and bad. Is this a true commercial engine?

  2. retrodog

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    Even though something says its commercial, doesn't mean it is. The 30hp Briggs with cyclonic 3 stage air filter is full commercial. There is no way that I would ever buy a mower over $4500 that has a regular 1200 hour engine on it. Most mower companies offer that motor on a $3500 machine... I love Scag, but the whole Briggs ELS (or new professional, same set up) is not a commercial engine and shouldn't be advertised as such. Good motor for a homeowner throwing 50 hours a year on it, but that is about it....You need a 2500 hour motor to call it commercial. Even the expected lifespans are overrated, on average I would give give the Briggs 26, the courage kohlers, and the cheap kawasakis around a real world average 800 hour lifespan, and all the commercial motors around 2000. That is when people normally start having bigger issues, some go longer than others, thats why its an average... Get an industrial briggs, a Kawa big block or liquid-cooled, a vanguard, or a kohler command if you are in the biz, well worth the extra change....
  3. lowendrider

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    I just bought a Tiger Cat with the briggs on it. The mower was pushing my budget so I went with the 48'' deck and the briggs. Just from my experience, my dad has always gotten around 1000 hours on his briggs engines and hes not known for performing routine maintenance. His have always been for residential use only on his yard which is large (around 2-2.5 acres). The engines are lucky to get an oil or filter change every 2 years. I'm just the opposite, I keep up with maintenance religously. I figure If they'll last him as long as they do, they'll last a good long time for me. Just my 2cents
  4. krackerjack9

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    When I was in Iraq we had these 1meg power generators that had these big cam cuming desiel engines in them, these ran 24hrs a day for a week then another genset would run a week and they go back and forth. Anyway they changed the oil every week in those motors think each one was 50 gallons, well most were coming up on 3yrs and they decided to or 1000 more of them to replace these, Most Gensets had well over 25,000hrs on them, we had a only a few engine issues but I say 95% would still go another 25,000hrs or more.. key was oil changes and filter changes. Some of the TCN trucks out of Jordan were well over 30to 40yrs old, and one would not think these things (haji trucks or jingle trucks could keep up) but suprisingly they did. Most were mercedes engines and volvo engines. another thing this fuel/cummings engineer over there said was humidity is also a huge factor in engine life. engines digesting humid air are going to have more contamination or oil quagulation, over there humidity about 4% in the states 40 to 60% over time it takes its toll.
  5. Snapper Jack

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    The Briggs V Twins are a far superior engine in comparison to the old Flat Head opposed twins,regardless of what engine series. I have a single cylinder OHV Briggs 6.5 HP that will be approaching over 1000 hours this year with an RPM setting over exceeding factory specs that sees extreme duty conditions and that engine just keeps on running. Just depends on how well you maintain it.
    All the major engine brands have pro's and con's with little glitches that can cause an engine failure.
  6. intrigue12

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    I talked to a dealer and he said to get the kawasaki. He said that unless it is the vanguard that it is not commercial. Who knows though I guess. Any one know the actual differences?
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  8. BINKY1902

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    Here's something I just looked at. My 24 hp Kawi FX is pushing almost 41 ft/lbs of torque. In comparison, the 26 hp Briggs Pro pushes 33 ft/lbs torque. You'll feel that difference when pulling up a hill.
  9. jkilov

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    That's because the "26hp" briggs isn't a 26 horse engine. Briggs lists whatever it wants, power stickers sell, supposed to be illegal by now. This engine is closer to 19hp.
  10. intrigue12

    intrigue12 LawnSite Member
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    Pretty much after everything Iv been hearing Im gonna go with a 19 HP kawasaki on this. Its 500 more but worth it. Check out the Snapper Pro S50x. I demoed this unit but it had the briggs. Nice machine. 4899.00 out the door.

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