26" mower lifespan

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Rdizzle79, May 21, 2008.

  1. Rdizzle79

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have two 26" mowers. I'll keep the brand name out of it. They have been used for commercial mowing for two plus years and now one has a shot engine. Is two years a normal life span for a 26" mower or did ours just get abused or have some sort of freak accident?

  2. dishboy

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    Actually the majority of those 26's lasted about two months before they were bought back by the manufacturer......thank God for that!
  3. MJS

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    If they were the brand I'm thinking of, I'm not at all suprised that one of them is shot, in fact, you're probably lucky to get two full years out of one. They all seem to succumb to some freak accident lol.
  4. rachael24

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    LOL What kind of freak accidents are we talking about here?!
  5. cgaengineer

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    Mine was burning oil about 3 months after purchase. It had not got to smoking yet, but you could smell the oil burning. 6hp turning a 26" blade is not enough power...the engine struggles. I would be really upset had I kept mine and it only lasted 2 years...the fact you kept yours for 2 years is amazing...I couldnt get rid of mine fast enough.
  6. Rdizzle79

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    As far as a freak accident I mean the tranmission is constantly going bad and the gears are hard as hell to find. Also the other one that is shot had the piston arm break right off of the crankshaft. This is mostly due to an employee not watching the oil levels and overheating the engine.

    My big thing is I feel we could have gotten more use out of them if they had been greased and serviced correctly or should I feel lucky I went two years with no major incident.

  7. cgaengineer

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    Feel lucky...very lucky. The tranny on mine was the worst feeling tranny I have ever used. I spoke to the company that made the mower (No names since you said so) and they told me you had to shift back to neutral to shift into another gear. In other words...if you were in second gear and needed to go to third you would have to stop and return to neutral and then select 3rd gear. The engine had plenty of power, but not to turn a 26" blade...if I can stall a 21" on some thick bermuda...how in the hell is a larger blade going to be better. I should have listened to the pros on this forum before I purchased the damn thing.

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