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26" mowers


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Muskogee OK
Gentlemen,<br> I haven't started my LM business, but will be launching it this fall by offering cleanups and use that to help establish my clientele for spring 2001. I still have a 40+ hr/wk job and want to grow my LMB.<br> Here's my question: I will be doing residences starting out and will primarily be offering cleanup services. Where I live, the lots are small and gates are smaller. I don't want to purchase a 32&quot;/36&quot; and have it sit idle. Have any guys used the 26&quot; mowers available by Snapper? They appear to be well built and they have high volume baggers. Will this be sufficient?<br> I have a 21&quot; Snapper, but want to work smarter if I can. <br> I plan on moderate growth of customer-base and cash flow so the &gt;32&quot; will have to wait.


I have a 21&quot; snapper 6 speed, 6 hp(1999 model). This mower is great. I looked at the 26&quot; snapper model, and it needs more than a 6hp engine. Also, it is not built for use by mowing contractors. It is a homeowner model and is supposed to be used for homeowners. I would get a 32&quot;, but whatever works.<p>Bryan<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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columbia Md
look at the great dane gate way. it folds to fit through gates. but look at northen tool for a 26 in mower if thats what ur set on. its better than the snapper one


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I use to use two 21&quot; snappers for about 30 smaller lawns and gated. I just bought a 32&quot; Exmark metro about a month ago. I love it its so much faster and easier to handle and your not so tired after using it all day then with a 21&quot;. I was going to get a 33&quot; troybilt glad i didn't.. My opinion is go with a 32&quot; its faster, less tiring and last longer then a 21&quot; i hope. I wish i would have bought it a long time ago.<p>Jason