26" Snapper mower


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Was wondering if anybody has used the 26&quot; snapper mower? Do you recommend it? I do alot of small lawns want somthing bigger then a 21&quot;. Any advice greatly appreciate<br>Thank you<p>----------<br>JASON MRAKAVA<br>JASON'S LAWN SERVICE

pro cut

Jason save your money and buy a 36&quot; W.B.I think that those 26&quot; snappers are under powered and parts are probably gonna be hard to find.


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Last season I ran a 22&quot; Sears(I know, never again) mower as I was doing resedential clients only. I had room at several of my clients homes to fit a 36&quot; deck but suffered all year with the 22&quot; and a 21&quot; backup. <br> Learn from my mistake. I purchased a 36&quot; John Deere for this season and will use a 21&quot; toro for the small area's. The ground speed on the 36&quot; is great and will help immensly to quicken things this year. Forget about the snapper and find yourself a used 36&quot;min walkbehind.<br> Lance